Updating to 15.6.2 and Battlegrounds Performance

Nice, selling minions from hand, that was the number one change I wanted. Pay no attention to Xombie here, he’s an attention seeking troll. Thanks for the update!


Still broken. Please fix.

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Getting a “failed to get update, please check your network connection.” Error on my Kindle Fire. Got the update from Amazon, but can’t get to the servers. I am pretty sure my local connection is fine, since I am writing this from the same device.

Is it me or are turns shorter playing on mobile than pc?


‪Wtf guys… Almost 1 month and don’t fixe the mobile problem? The hex still crashing the game in this new update, and is impossible back to game until the match end.

Does this update fix the bug with golden cards in people’s decks and people needing to “replace cards” when they don’t need to? I don’t see it in the patch notes but maybe it has been addressed


Looks like Mukla joins tier one. Sweet! Really happy with the changes.

And overkill??? Is fixed on this patch???

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Hey guys! WE need a murloc that can feed upon killed one or add any other murloc that could help us out. So far Toxicfin is a good support, with too low stats to assist. Murlocs can fight, but way too low damage upon the win. :frowning:

When is Battlegrounds UK release time?

how many ‘mb’ or ‘gb’ this patch?

Android still lags and crashes :confused:

Overkill was fixed already, some time round the middle of last week:

why lie about something anyone can check just by playing the game?

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Because some edgy reasons I assume? You can take him off the edge but can’t take the edge off him.

His name speaks for himself, come on.

I started playing New mode today. As a new player i have some issues.

First of all the turn timer. Its very inconsistent. Sometimes its only 9 seconds so a triplet buying and its animation takes it. Not Just once happened. You must change it for example each round should be some longer until it reaches a peak. Always should be that. When someone says im ready he/she pushes a ‘ready’ button. If not reacting (for example due to disconnect) the whole timer runs down.

Animations should be an option only. I dont like waiting for them to happen and waste time with watching them and then watch my battle losing. (timer fixing would probably address this problem)
If you don’t want to solve this maybe add a starter mode with diffrerent timing.

It started to feel like its good but its not ready. I don’t like to get mad about a game. Im okay when i lose because a bad decision but absolutely not when its because the app doesnt work properly.
I had to rage quit the game because this timer stuff. It was so annoying i have decided not to play again until this is addressed. I will read patch notes and stuff. Im hopeful.

I think it is a latency issue or the server connection? but it definitely seems shorter on mobile

     I like the changes, but what I'd really like to see is a change to the MMR system.  It's pretty easy to see how exploitable the MMR system all you have to go do is watch any streamer play.  They are all making smurf accounts and sailing straight to the top of the leader board with in there first 20 matches because of the way the system is set up.  I get a 1st place win and get like 20 - 40 points then I go watch a streamer at a higher mmr than me win and get 90 - 100 points.  

     It's pretty obvious that the early games that you play (when you should be learning how to play it) weigh more heavily than your later games.  If I had to guess there is a hidden Elo kind of like you would see in a game like League of Legends that puts you in a group based off your performance in the first 10ish matches and they higher you place the more points you get on a win and the less you lose on a loss.  

I couldn’t tell you what my overall stats are but of my 50ish top 4 finishes I’ve placed first place in over half of them and am only 5400 because I didn’t know how to play the game properly in my first 10 - 20 matches.

I cant sell minions that are in my hands and battlecries are not triggered twice (hero power) and one game I finished 4th but places me 5th at the end of the game

We need a Ready button, and lower waiting times between combats.
the games need to be faster.