Updated Free Decks for New and Returning Players

So there is none, thanks for confirming

I did exactly that. Didn’t notice any difference. It would be so easy as to say what those differences are.

So there are none, thanks for confirming again.

That is one thing that I believe you, unfortunately.

I’m confused by these seeming complaints. Didn’t those eligible acquire their free decks? What’s the issue?

I’ve seen no complaints so far. One person in Reddit just confirmed to me an updated free deck acquisition without problems (Big Beast Hunter).

@Gnomesayin, please visit the following very civil topic. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. Thank you, kindly.

I appreciate the civility–and the passion for your best class representation!–but let’s try to keep threads on-topic, please. To your underlying point, I have no control over the avatars, but I will ask around and see if there’s anything to be done.


Thank you very much! I hope to see more Demon Hunters around these parts soon. :wink:

What about me? I just came back 3 weeks ago after taking 3-4 years off. This doesn’t help me

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You should stop saying that because it isn’t close to 60%. It’s closer to 50% if we’re going to round it. And when every percentile is crucial, we shouldn’t be rounding to the nearest ten. I probably have before to argue a point, and shouldn’t have. It’s almost lying. It’s certainly misleading.

This new update today ( https://hearthstone.blizzard.com/en-us/news/23852693/patch-24-6-preview ) says “returning players” includes people who didn’t play the Murder at Castle Nathria expansion. Does that mean that if I played it at all, but still stay away for 120 days, I won’t get a free deck?

That free deck was literally the only reason I was planning on coming back in early December. If I don’t get it, I’ll probably NEVER return.

This forum post was just updated with the new specifics. Part 2 of the post will be the rule as of patch 24.6 patch going live. When you read those specifics, you’ll see your situation you just described would be fine.

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I have been away for months, but just started playng again since about one week. Can I still get the deck for returning players, or did those few days of hearthstone ruin my chance?

Thanks for your reply! Will I get an e-mail or anything verifying when I’m eligible for it?

I really didn’t like the Castle Nathria meta, and was hoping to try out a new deck to test the meta before buying the bundle when I return with the next expansion.

Nice on you Blizzard! But what about players who never left? Should they not be rewarded?

Blizz realizing current players are dropping like flies and are desperate to ensure new players are rewarded immediately. How long until new players catch-on to the dumpster fire Hearthstone has become and how great it once was? I’ve always wanted to see what it was like on the Titanic after the iceberg…

Where is part 2, though? The patch is out, but there is no new post.

planning to add a deck for DK soon?