Updated Free Deck for New and Returning Players

The decks awarded to new and returning players will be updated with the launch of Voyage to the Sunken City! As a reminder, returning players who have been away for 120 or more days will be prompted with a deck grant right after they log in. New players will be granted their starter deck after completing the tutorial, the Starter Quest quest chain, graduating from the New Player Ranks (Ranks 40-1), and then returning to the main menu.*

It’s possible players may not see the deck in their deck lists if they do not have an open deck slot when they choose their free deck. The cards for the deck (aside from Core Set cards) will still be added to their collections, so they can clear a deck slot and use the deck codes below to construct the decks. Core Set cards are free to all players and are earned by leveling your account.

*Limited one per account.

Field of Strife

Class: Demon Hunter

Enter Alterac Valley’s contested battlefield without fear. Rush down your foes with deadly demonic allies and summon powerful Ur’zul Giants to finish them off.


2x Battlefiend
2x Wings of Hate (Rank 1)
2x Battleworn Vanguard
1x Chaos Strike
2x Feast of Souls
2x Fel Barrage
2x Field of Strife
2x Ram Commander
2x Sigil of Summoning
2x Coordinated Strike
2x Flag Runner
2x Felgorger
1x Flanking Maneuver
1x Kurtrus Ashfallen
2x Persistent Peddler
1x Kurtrus, Demon-Render
2x Ur’zul Giant

Mulverick’s Fleet

Class: Druid
Join Mulverick’s fleet on his quest to take down the Stormpikes! Flood the board with beasts to rush down your opponent.


2x Druid of the Reef
2x Peasant
2x Vibrant Squirrel
2x Clawfury Adept
2x Composting
2x Encumbered Pack Mule
1x Power of the Wild
2x Razormane Battleguard
2x Thorngrowth Sentries
2x Frostwolf Kennels
2x Heart of the Wild
2x Oracle of Elune
1x Park Panther
2x Pride’s Fury
1x Wing Commander Mulverick
1x Cornelius Roame
2x Frostsaber Matriarch

Take the Valley!

Class: Hunter

Join forces with Tavish and his team of big beasts to take control of Alterac Valley! Summon Wing Commander Ichman to send a stampede of beasts at your enemies.


2x Tracking
2x Wound Prey
2x Bloodseeker
2x Explosive Trap
2x Ice Trap
2x Selective Breeder
2x Cloaked Huntress
1x Deadly Shot
2x Ram Tamer
2x Revive Pet
2x Spring the Trap
2x Stormpike Battle Ram
2x Warsong Wrangler
1x Beaststalker Tavish
2x Mountain Bear
1x King Krush
1x Wing Commander Ichman

Magical Mastery

Class: Mage

Magister Dawngrasp has mastered all the spell schools, have you? Cast a series of big spells and then re-cast them with Dawngrasp’s aid.


2x Shivering Sorceress
2x Amplified Snowflurry
2x Arcanologist
2x Celestial Ink Set
2x Ice Barrier
1x Arcane Brilliance
2x Deepwater Evoker
2x Fire Sale
1x Balinda Stonehearth
2x Blizzard
2x Grey Sage Parrot
2x Clumsy Courier
1x Magister Dawngrasp
1x Mass Polymorph
1x Kalecgos
2x Rune of the Archmage
2x Drakefire Amulet
1x Iceblood Tower

The Immovable Object

Class: Paladin

Team up with Cariel in the battle for Alterac Valley! With big minions and The Immovable Object equipped, nothing will weaken your resilience.


1x Blessed Goods
2x Knight of Anointment
2x Battle Vicar
2x City Tax
2x Equality
2x Vitality Surge
2x Lightbringer’s Hammer
2x Righteous Defense
1x Cariel Roame
2x Consecration
2x Cavalry Horn
2x Protect the Innocent
1x Lightforged Cariel
1x Abominable Lieutenant
2x Brasswing
1x Ragnaros, Lightlord
2x Templar Captain
1x Lokholar the Ice Lord

Deathrattle Disciples

Class: Priest
Summon an army of Deathrattle minions to do your bidding! With the aid of Xyrella, the Devout, your Deathrattle minions will pack an extra punch from the grave.


2x Desperate Prayer
2x Holy Smite
2x Shard of the Naaru
2x Condemn (Rank 1)
2x Shadow Word: Death
2x Thrive in the Shadows
2x Amulet of Undying
2x Deliverance
2x Devouring Plague
1x Korrak the Bloodrager
2x Lightmaw Netherdrake
1x Void Shard
1x Xyrella
2x Spirit Guide
2x Lightshower Elemental
2x Undying Disciple
1x Xyrella, the Devout

Identity Thief

Class: Rogue

Put on a disguise with Maestra and steal other classes’ cards with Cera’thine Fleetrunner. Use them shrewdly to surprise your opponent!


2x Backstab
2x Shadowstep
2x Blackwater Cutlass
2x Parrrley
2x Swashburglar
1x Maestra of the Masquerade
2x Reconnaissance
1x Vanessa VanCleef
2x Coldtooth Yeti
2x Double Agent
1x Shroud of Concealment
2x Tooth of Nefarian
2x Hench-Clan Burglar
1x Cera’thine Fleetrunner
2x Contraband Stash
2x Wildpaw Gnoll
1x Shadowcrafter Scabbs
1x Tess Greymane

Frost Bites!

Class: Shaman

Chill your enemies to their bones with a flurry of Frost spells. With Bearon Gla’shear at your side, your opponent will have snow way out!


2x Windchill
2x Frostbite
2x Maelstrom Portal
2x Sleetbreaker
2x Brilliant Macaw
2x Cheaty Snobold
2x Far Sight
2x Snowball Fight!
2x Snowblind Harpy
2x Herald of Lokholar
2x Wildpaw Cavern
2x Don’t Stand in the Fire!
2x Glaciate
2x Snowfall Guardian
1x Bearon Gla’shear
1x Bru’kan of the Elements

Fear Fueled Felfire

Class: Warlock
Bring chaos down on your enemies with a barrage of Fel spells. Utilize Dreadlich Tamsin’s destructive powers to drain your opponent’s resources and overcome them with Dread Imps.


2x Grave Defiler
2x Touch of the Nathrezim
2x Drain Soul
2x Seeds of Destruction
2x Full-Blown Evil
1x Tamsin Roame
2x Venomous Scorpid
2x Demonic Assault
2x Spice Bread Baker
1x Anetheron
1x Dreadlich Tamsin
1x Entitled Customer
2x Felwalker
2x Impfestation
2x Twisting Nether
1x Lord Jaraxxus
2x Goldshire Gnoll
1x Lokholar the Ice Lord

For the Horde!
Class: Warrior

Accompany Rokara on her charge into Alterac Valley! Stall for time, then send your Captain Galvangar combo To the Front! to seize victory.


2x Execute
2x Shield Slam
2x Frozen Buckler
2x Iceblood Garrison
2x Man the Cannons
2x To the Front!
2x Bash
2x Heavy Plate
2x Shield Block
2x Outrider’s Axe
1x Rancor
2x Brawl
2x Faceless Manipulator
1x Battleground Battlemaster
1x Captain Galvangar
1x Rokara, the Valorous
2x Shield Shatter

Enjoy and we’ll see you in the Tavern!


I don’t know why, but I never got a new deck when I returned. Kind of sucks to be honest, since it would have been nice. Eh, oh well - almost a year later at this point, and I (probably) have all these cards, lol! :rofl:


have these been updated in game yet after the xpac release? the descriptions in game are old, so want to make sure before I choose the free deck.

Any news as to when this will go live? Akin to Kcin above, the deck descriptions are from the rotated sets, and you can’t get past the select a deck screen to play the game.

Hello, can we receive any confirmation from Blizzard concerning the returning/new player decks? The decks are still listing the old verbiage of the previous expansion. This is gatekeeping my Hearthstone experience as I want to play the new expansion, but do not want to waste the free deck on an old deck with rotated cards.

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Yeah I’m also having this issue of the old deck descriptions displaying.

Confirming everyone else’s experience here. I specifically finished Apprentice League a few days ago but never selected a deck (just left the game alone) but the descriptions haven’t updated.

Do we risk it to claim a deck then submit a support ticket later to have Blizzard issue us the correct deck if we get an old one? I really want to play the new expansion…

which deck would be best to pick anyways? don’t even remember the last time i played…

Update on this: I bit the bullet and can confirm the decks have been updated! I picked the Warrior deck, and got “For the Horde”, but the description was still wrong compared to the one listed in this post.

Aye. The decks seem to be updated, regardless of the text.

Fix the switcheroo bs.

Yes, to those of you asking, these went live with the launch of Voyage to the Sunken City, like this post says. I’ve passed along your reports that the in-game text was not updated.

Here’s a nifty guide on what the free decks are and which are the best.

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I’m having an issue with getting the free decks … as a whole … I went on two old accounts and I still havnt got them . What do I do…

So basically bring in new players with enticing offers and gifts but the original players can remain with what they have?


Going to be slightly off-topic here, so apologies in advance: sadly, that does seem to be an acceptable business practice. The cable/internet/phone companies do it, lol! :smiley:

Heck, my grandmother was with Bell since like the 1950’s, but even she finally got fed up with the amount they charged her and switched to Rogers sometime around 2010. When a Bell guy came around a couple years ago to my grandparent’s, he and my mom had a discussion, and one of the things that came up was the whole better price for new customers thing - he actually even recommended switching every so often between the different companies to get those deals and save a little money. Not exactly the same here, but kind of ties in very loosely with this free deck thing Hearthstone does - leave for a while, return for the deck, and repeat, lol! :laughing:

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same here. came back after 5 months but did not receive a “returning player” deck. but the “welcome back” bundle is available for purchase in the store :+1: :joy:

Yes, enticing people to return to the game they have allowed to remain dormant is a valid and time tested tradition of regaining old customers. Many cell phone companies do this, the most common version we see today is when you actively switch providers and they offer you a new phone hardware for a discounted price. You could just be a first time phone buyer and you wouldn’t get that deal. You could be a long time customer and wouldnt be eligible for it either. The company isnt trying to retain the ones currently playing and buying things, because their current products and services are obviously working for those people. Its the ones that started and left they are trying to regain as customers. They obviously dont need to create a whole new product for those people to find the game interesting for a first time, as they already did it before, the people just stopped for whatever reason. Its an inexpensive thing to the company to give out to those otherwise ex customers as a way to bring them back into the fold and regain them as a customer.

If you think everyone should be given the same stuff and same promotions I suggest to you that you arent a fan of capitalism. Which itself is not a bad thing, just letting you know what it is you are not agreeing with. Why should current customers be given the same bonus as returning customers? being a returning customer is a special status as they have regained your business to them.

If you want the special promotions like these, then you need to qualify for them. Go without HS for 120 consecutive days and whalah! you are now eligible. But what about the promotions and reward tracks you missed while away? Why would you be entitled to those too if you made a different decision to be away? See how both sets of groups get something but missed something? It is a fair way to address the inequity inherent in the game.