Updated Free Deck for New and Returning Players

I like how this is announced on the Hearthstone forums, which all the people who have left Hearthstone will obviously be reading.

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You might be able to check by logging into your Blizzard account.

Deck should be given to all people, bit weird to not give continued players the same. But good for them.


I would advise players to go for the druid deck because it has the majority of expensive cards for spell druid and it’s probably the best budget meta deck out there.

The other options lack a number of legendaries required to make the optimal version.

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So many people complain about boring priest matches so blizzard gives new and returning players a free rez priest deck or all things.

Blizzard really don’t care or listen to a remote bit of player feedback

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Right, they should’ve given out a free Galakrond Priest deck. You never hear people complain that those are boring.

Initially I thought this offer was only for certain periods of 4 month absence (ie you have to come back by march), but now it seems like an evergreen offer.

So if I don’t come back until after four months starting today, I will still get the free deck?

So I understood, but you might get an updated version for the expansion after Scholomance.

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it’d be fair but blizzard doesn’t know this word
i wonder if someday, they’ll have the courage to tell us why they don’t want to reward ALL the players

Thanks. I had a new account which I got on just for the free deck in March or April. If I log off and on again in September after four months, am I entitled to another one?

I’ve logged in once over 4 months but haven’t played any games. Do I qualify for a free deck?


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I agree that Druid is the best choice for players that plan to be budget players in the next expansion. The top Druid deck will not change much from this offering. Hunter is also a good offer, because it allows the player to use the most important no-dupe cards in any class. I want to log onto Europe servers to get the free decks, but am torn between Druid and Hunter. Both give relevant cards.

Oh yeah, that terrible. How are you gonna trample new and returning player now that they have some decent tool? very unfair .

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Spellmage doesn’t even need boxes.

I think this wasn’t mentioned but it is possible, better ask the support though.

Its not about it needing or not the Boxes ,like i said its the value of the deck cant you see 90% of that deck is commons and rares…

If anyone is unsure how long he’s been absent from HS, open up your account settings. Under Games & Abonnements (or however it’s named in English) you should find an entry showing the last time you played it.

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If you skipped the returning player experience thinking it was a tutorial, does that mean i missed out on a free deck? I basically came back just a few months ago, saw a returning player option and pressed to skip it assuming it was a tutorial i wouldn’t need. Was that the new player /returning player experience, and if so, is there a option to still have the deck offered if you declined said experience retroactively misthinking it was a new player tutorial like so many other games of no value?

Should I complain that dedicated players are still being more or less shafted (particularly casuals who’d like to collect like me) or that they’re practically babying newcomers or people who’d literally just ragequit?
It’s the LoL situation for me again; cater to attract new players and ignore those who’re still playing.
Seriously, at least give us some compensation, like a few packs or a dust reward!