Update on 27.2 Accidental Card Changes

Hey all,

As you know, last week we launched Patch 27.2, a massive patch that included Battlegrounds Season 5, over 100 balance changes, and the Caverns of Time expansion (launching soon!). Unfortunately, with a patch that large, a few things slipped through the cracks.

Some of you have noticed that there were a few Hearthstone balance changes that weren’t announced before the patch went live. These changes were things we tested for the patch, but had decided not to ship—or, at least, we didn’t mean to ship.

We’ve seen your excitement about these surprise changes and we’ve decided that some of them would be fine to keep in the game. Of the six cards that slipped through the cracks, we’ll be letting three of them keep their newfound buffs: Timber Wolf, Jinyu Waterspeaker, and Firelands Portal.

On the other hand, we don’t think it’s the right time to make the changes to Dragon’s Breath, Swipe, or Glaivezooka, so we’ll be pulling those changes back out in Patch 27.2.2. We’ll keep an eye on how the meta develops and we might add these in a later update.

The patch also included two Signature cards that weren’t ready to be revealed. We’ll be pulling N’Zoth’s First Mate and Acolyte of Pain out of the client in our next major patch, Patch 27.4. They may return in a future update.

We’ll have more information about Patch 27.2.2’s other bug fixes and adjustments soon. Until then, we’ll see you in the Tavern!


There is not 1 person out there that is excited about this.


yeah i agree tbh 3 mana swipe and 5 dmg dragons breath would surely be meta tyrants

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Could you finally bugfix DH’s skins hero powers? Omen’s golden (500 win) hero power’s art isn’t animated in and outside of game. Halveria lost her unique hero power animation (after using Hero Power) and uses basic one for Demon Hunter.

For a multibillion dollar company…this happens WAYYYYY too often. Have you considered implementing the ancients called (checks dusty tome stack) QA, short for “Quality Assurance?”


THey get to be a multibillion dollar company by not spending money on things like that. How else do you explain [insert anything they’ve ever done wrong here]?

They used to [have[ reknowned qa. They [fired them all during a time of record profits to increase margins.]

Remember the lich king of the first dk single player missions having interactions for stealing the quest, naxrammas playing bigglesworth, easter eggs, even card interactions?

Yeah, lots of them. Then they fired them for margins and then we got “DEBUG: REPLACE CARD ART”. Our favorite cards. Taunt cards with immune in single player. And tons of dummy art cards ever since even in wow and hearthstone.


Exactly, like when they fired a ton of their customer service staff and claimed it wasn’t going to impact us, and all the stuff they did to their own staff (which of course can’t get discussed here, because the mods will allow the company defenders to violate coc with impunity, up to and including so called “final warning” offenses) but Light forbid we discuss this company’s hypocrisy.

Pandaria farms remembers.

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I would feel so much embarrassment writing this post - i feel sorry for you. “We were planning some things and they somehow got shipped live but we werent going to go with them but some of them seem okay so we decided to keep them and if the others dont look to bad we might bring them back too after we remove them in the next patch” Awesome :smiley:

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I had excitement when caverns was announced, however, I can’t craft any of the cards, there was no pre-order of any kind, apparently people are not getting dust for duplicate cavern cards, and duplicate protection is not working. I don’t have the set showing in my collection. It’s been an absolute sh** Show and so this roll out has been the worst I’ve ever seen from Blizzard.

I was all ready to add more cards to my collection but I’m not even touching any cavern cards until you guys are able to explain and clarity the duplicate card and dust issue. I spend a lot of money on this game, but this whole cavern fiasco feels a lot like Mercenaries… a total scam.

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