United in Stormwind is Now Live

United in Stormwind is Now Live

Hearthstone’s newest expansion is now live worldwide.

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Cannot unlock Battleground for coins now?


Which means that I SHOULD be able to purchase Stormwind packs with my gold, correct?

Erm… it isn’t an option yet in the shop. :frowning:

you should restart the game

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Perfect! Thank you!!

You can buy the battleground perks in US for money? cant at all in EU

i can’t buy it ether

I am in US and I can’t find perks anywhere even for real money.

Why does everyone have the new questlines in golden? Did i miss something?

That’s nice. But you forget to add the Battlegrounds Pass for this expansion!

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Impossible to buy new perks, and disappeared from the past add-ons. EU

Now possible, you might need to restart the game.

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The gold card art for Pandaria inquisitor is bugged, the base card is fine but the golden is different. The arm of the pandaria and the toad gem is missing for the card art. This is probably due to a layering or implementing problem.

Что за дибил это придумал… сделать из карточной игры пук пук мда прощай хорошая игра

No have new in battleground ? And no have reset ?

Fast game((( bad game

TERRIBLE EXPANSION BLIZZARD, good job killing my favorite game … …


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this is what i was thinking