Unable to search for opponent do to error

The game doesn’t say the usual estimated wait time, then cancels match making, leaves a pop-up window explaining there’s an error and to try again in a few min. I have tried many times, on multiple days. No luck.

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Also happening to me out of no where atm i see no posts about it. Verified files, didn’t work. Reinstalled didn’t work then either.

Day two of this error for me. “There was an error starting your game. Please Wait a few minutes and try again.”

Happening every time I try to play in the Casual mode with a standard deck, seems to happen with any class I’m using but specifically I use Paladin, Warlock and Mage decks, all standard all having this error.

If you spam the play button then the error will continue, but randomly you will eventually get put in queue and it will work.

Hardly and elegant or useful fix to this issue though.

Would love for a blue post clarifying what this might be or any solutions we could use to fix this.

Now having this issue. Same as above, i start searching for a game, it searches for about 10-15 seconds then i get the error.

if by spamming you find a game that means the error is in the opponent deck , so i suppose those are players or bots with invalid decks that try to queue and create the error on both side them and you.

In ranked you go away of fail bot dumpster by winning , so problem become less frequent after some time , but don’t know how casual queue works like if players have some hidden mmr to progress or if it is totally random.

For sure is a really hard fix for blizzard detecting the type of players queuing with invalid decks , like i said there are bots ( mb some students that are learning AI code bot and use causal to not mess with ranked players ) , there are players with broken recipes , players that have bugs like right now the DK loaned deck don’t works and cause this , etc.