Unable to reroll?

I opened my pre release fireside packs, and I pulled a regular copy of Halduron Brightwing, hunters minion legendary. I later pulled the signature version of this same card. I was expecting to shortly recieve a notification to reroll the regular version into something else, but I never recieved any such notification at any point from there on. I was on pc at the time, and mobile did not give me any popup upon relogging in either. Will it give me the popup on tuesday when the expansion releases, or was it supossed to show up but it bugged out and did not? Maybe the reroll system didnt activate since you cant disenchant or craft any cards currently, and it maybe works off of that logic? Please help, I want a different legendary I can use lol.


I had the same thing happen with Invincible, would love to make sure I’m not stuck with two versions of the same card, I’m gamin’ on a budget XD

That’s a known issue, apparetnly, although it’s not documented there: 25.0 Known Issues. I’ll link a video by one ‘Old Guardian’ where he talks about it and provides the info:
You could see the original if you use those social media — and I don’t, so this was the easiest way for me to provide a reputable reference — or look out for updates.

I had the same issue happen with the “Location, Location, Location” achievement. Anyone know if once this is fixed, we’ll get the reroll option?

Which has, in fact, got nothing to do with the subject.

I even bothered looking up what it is supposed to be, although I don’t know why I did, — and used to grant XP and achievement point.

If you mean no XP now, it gets ‘fixed’ as soon as some people… ahem… ‘upgrade’ their reading skills:

The reroll option, to my understanding, only works with free cards gained through the track pass. All other legendaries do not allow you to reroll.

How about official information from 25.0 Patch Notes instead? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

New Feature: Improved Duplicate Card Handling

We often include specific non-disenchantable cards as part of Reward Tracks, Events, Achievements, and Shop purchases. Starting with 25.0, if you claim one of these, but already own a lower quality copy that’s disenchantable, you’ll get a popup that offers to re-roll the lower quality copy to a different card of the same rarity from that card set.

For example, Diamond Grand Magister Rommath is on the March of the Lich King Tavern Pass. If you already own a Golden Rommath when you claim the Diamond, you’ll immediately get a popup offering to reroll Golden Rommath into a different March of the Lich King Golden Legendary (which, of course, respects duplicate protection). This feature also applies when you find a Signature card in a pack!

Note the last sentence.

However, as indicated above, there’s been apparently an issue with it.

The last sentence is actually in line with my point.

The snarky response was really uncalled for. At least in my case, when I satisfied level 3 of “Location, Location, Location”, I got a reward of “Golden Demolition Renovator (Uncraftable Epic)” and 20 Achievement points. The non-golden one, of which I have one, is craftable. I was asking about the reroll of that card.

This will be after the new expansion goes live.

Wait, what (this isn’t addressing you, but rather rhetorically)? Until very recently, the achievement was supposed to grant only XP — I believe I’ve checked it online and in-game, too. However:


  • Golden card unlock requirement is now: “Unlocked with “Location, Location, Location!” Achievement.” (previously: “Earnable on the Murder at Castle Nathria Reward Track.”).

And that’s how it is displayed in-game, too, now.

Apparently, it was supposed to be changed once the reward track would rotate (which hasn’t happened on my server yet), since those cards are earnable on the free reward track (levels 65 and 75)… Thus my ‘uncalled for snarky response’, as you aptly put it.

Anyway, I would assume that it was probably meant, in terms of implementation, for new cards cards that you get, starting from 25.0. If you take the wording literally, though, then even unlocking these cards from Nathria track is supposed to offer a reroll.

Are you certain you’d not already got those cards from there earlier, and the achievement gave you duplicates of those uncraftbales? That’d explain it, perhaps.


(The important part highlighted by me)
So, in that case, it would mean that you didn’t really get any new uncraftable cards at all.


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Ah, that might explain it. I was wondering, since when I searched for the Achievement, I didn’t see that listed as a reward…

And neither did I back then, as said.

What about your Nathria rewards track? Did you previously get the cards in question there?

presumably. I finished the whole track, so I’d assume they’d shown up on time.

And those cards were on levels 65 and 75, as noted above. If you claimed them back then — that it indeed might be it.

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I received a diamond version of a legendary card from the Battle Pass, later I got a signature version of the same legendary card from the pack. Is this a bug and will I be able to reroll later or is it supposed to be like this?

Is it Rommath? As far as I know, it’s not a bug, you’re not gonna reroll anything, but there’s nothing you could about it and it’s not really something to worry about.

Yes, this is Rommath. It is a pity that there is no reroll for this, since in fact I have 2 copies of one legendary card and both cannot be disenchanted.

Well, it’s a ‘freebie’ of sorts, provided you coughed up for that Tavern Pass, and it’s not like you’re losing something valuable, so I wouldn’t worry about that.

There’ve been reports on this forum about duplicate Signature cards from bundles or such, that’d be more unfortunate.