Unable to log in: Samsung phone

Hi tech support.

Unfortunately i am unable to log into this game through my phone as i get stuck on the loading screen. It’s usually when the logo on the door gets stuck pulsating or a message saying playful sprites messed up the game try again later.

I’ve been trying for about 4 months now but still no luck. Even upgraded phone from samsung S10 to S23.

Please help as i miss this game. Warcraft Rumble has been working fine this whole time though.

Update: still no good.

I tried the instructions in your tech support.

  • I cleared the cache and data.

  • Game loads and the screen with two buttons show asking if im new or log into existing accout. I select existing

  • game asks me to log in and authenticate. I do, then hearthstone goes back to asking if im new or log into existing account

  • i reaplly steps and authenticate again

  • hearthstone gets stuck on loading screen with logo on door pulsating for 10 minutes

  • i delete game and reinstall

  • same as above leading me to stuck loading screen.

I had the same like a year ago. I think i skipped a few patches on the device I’m using now (might’ve been the reason)
anyway… the rep said in his last message the fault might’ve been on Blizzard’s side.

anyways, what I did was cleaning everything / reinstalling and messing around with settings and authentications on PC client.
Problem is I never got confirmation what was wrong, it just magically started working again. a good timing to do all the erasing and password resetting is probably when they’re releasing the new tavern brawl patch.

I think there are markings that set your account to suspicious behaviour and that’s what’s causing it. could be interrupted update as well etc… just way too many factors that could cause this. permissions on your phone could be the reason as well (you probably need full access for the app). could also be your google account settings… if you have developer mode enabled on your phone and messed around with that could also be a reason…

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