Unable to claim level 100 hero skin

I hit level 100 on the rewards track for Nathria a day or two back, and I was able to claim the 3 Nathria specific skins on the paid section of the track. However, I’m unable to collect the hero skin from the free section of the track. It lets me select one, I click on the claim button, it pops up with a confirmation prompt about the skin I selected, I click on the confirm button… and nothing happens.

EDIT: I tried this both on the Android client as well as the PC client, both have the exact same behavior.


Same thing, hit lvl100 about 2 hours ago, but game don’t want to give me my skins
Try to change language (not working)
Try to reinstall game (not working)
Try to fix game (not working)
Blizzard should do something with that problem otherwise why am i playing this?


My biggest concern is if this isn’t fixed before 25.0, I suspect that the track will update and wipe my ability to claim one of the skins from the Nathria rewards track. It’s a pretty significant time investment to hit level 100, and I’m going to be very salty if I get screwed out of a skin because of a bug.

It’s definitely giving me pause right now about whether or not I want to preorder the MotLK bundles like I normally would. I spend a significant amount of money on this game, but I’m not sure that it’s remaining worth it. This year was supposed to be the year they focused on bug fixes, client stability, and QoL improvements, rather than adding new modes or the like (and why they weren’t doing solo content this year, too). The latter has mostly been achieved, but the other two really haven’t. The number and severity of the bugs this year has been notably worse than usual. And that’s not even touching the whole Runestone system…

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I’m in the exact same boat as you, I just hit level 100 yesterday and tried to get the Jaina portrait but it just didn’t work. Glad to know it’s an issue on their end and not mine


We definitely need them to bug fix this ASAP, i recently got to level 100 yesterday and i was unable to claim my Thrall skin. I tried doing so on both the computer client and also on my iphone, multiple times with different wifi / cell data.

I have also attempted to reinstall, no dice
Blizzard - Fix ASAP, if i climbed all the way to 100 and y’all reset i guess Marvel SNAP looks like a good alternative now :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:


Same issue here - fingers crossed it gets fixed before the end of the season!

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there is a anwer 24.6 Known Issues

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Me happened same and this is what i found on forum , it the same information in tle previous link

[Added 11/8] The team is aware that some players are unable to claim the Hero Skin at the end of the Rewards Track. The issue is expected to be fixed in Patch 25.0, when players will be prompted to make their Hero Skin selection upon login. All other rewards can be claimed normally and will be automatically granted with Rewards Track swap if not claimed by that time.


Thanks, glad to hear that update. Wasn’t on the list when I’d last checked.

Still no update for me. Are they going to make it?

im waiting for an update as well, im having the same problem

This is probably too old to be relevant to most people, but as soon as the 25.0 patch dropped, I was able to claim the skin fine.