Unable to claim level 100 hero portrait on Rewards Track

Hello, I just got to level 100 on the rewards track (no tavern pass, just normal) and the game won’t let me pick a Hero skin. (And no, I’m not trying to pick one that I already own) It will show the options, but it won’t let me click on any of them. Tried exiting the game and relogging, still no go.



I am having the same issue today

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also having the same issue

Same issue arising today.

I have the same issue. I am now level 103 and I cannot pick the hero skin.

Now I wonder if I’m earning gold for the additional levels or not? Will try to check again at 104

Same issue arising today.

Same here … really annoying :confused:

Same issue, hope this gets fixed soon.

Same issue as well - can confirm it won’t let me pick any of them.

Do you think Blizzard will see this thread since it was reported in February? Wonder if we should start a new one

i also have the same problem :frowning:

Same here ! But I get the 50 gold from the level 100+

Same problem. I did try using both PC and Android platform. It just doesn’t unlock the portrait reward :frowning:

Same problem. No hero portrait at level 100 !

also have the same problem :frowning:

Blizzard knows this and will fix in next patch


The sooner we can claim the end of track skins, the better.

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Same her. Can’t pick up the reward-

Hearthstone says no to me too :pensive: