Unable to claim level 100 hero portrait on Rewards Track

I am also having the same issue. Mine is not showing the 3 new ones, and I know I haven’t picked one yet. It does show the old skins, and I tried picking Nightslayer Valeera and the claim button enables; clicking it says skin claimed but I don’t see it in my skins. Also, would prefer the new one on the far right for the choice! The Sanguine Sylvanas skin / animation is awesome.

i have the same issue and i hope they will fix it before the next expansion comes

Same issue arising today.

This bug has been fixed for more than a month, it is unknown when it will be fixed… And after a new season and nothing will be returned

Same issue for me, ive been trying to pick thr lv 100 hero skin for about a week and still not able to.

ma se scrivo qui ci risponde qualcuno anch’io ho avuto lo stesso problema

Hello. Can’t claim portrait for gaining all progres track from quest etc. I can choose it click and confirm calim and nothing happens.

Same here, I reached level 100 and I can’t pick my reward :frowning:

I’ve the same problem

Same problem for me :frowning:

Same problem for me :-/

Same :!!!Same problem

I am also running into this problem. I need a good warlock skin. Help

November 24, still having this problem. Need help pls

I too am having the same problem so I went nuclear and uninstalled Hearthstone then I reinstalled Hearthstone onto a brand-new 2tb SSD and the bug is still there and it’s been almost 3 weeks for me hopefully this will be fixed before the new expansion comes out so don’t do what I did the reinstall took a while so here’s hoping to some good news soon

Hopefully they gonna fix it this week, couse it’s bagging me out

same problem here :scream: !!!

Have the released when patch 25 is scheduled yet? I am having the same issue.

Same problem here. Currently at lv 102 and still cannot make claim.

Same issue here, can’t claim the 100lv hero skin.