Ummm, so DH is dead

When you nerf 4 class cards and the class only has 45 cards of its own lol.

Demon Hunter in the ditches now at a 49.4% winrate in standard and instant losses against the best class right now because sacrificial pack lol.

When you’ve been playing the game for almost 5 years and finally decide to pre-order because of a new class for the first time ever and only get 28 hours to play it lol.


oooh nooo a class who’s best deck’s worst matchup is itself and had 53%+ popularity got nerfed ooooh nooo
it only has 3 tier 2 decks now oh nooooooooo how will you ever survive


I see where your 816 posts come from lol


Mate, due to the new factor and the quests everyone played DH, therefore the ones who care ranking up all made counterdecks…
Wait a week at least lol

eh, not all of my 816 posts are toxic sarcasm, its just that DH was so popular and powerful it was by definition S-tier, it just wore me down. Usually I’m less sardonic but seeing people defending DH’s dominance just finally rubbed me the wrong way


At Legend the deck has 53.4% WR, it’s not remotely dead, it’s just balanced. Yes there are currently better decks like Gala Warlock but it’s still a fine Tier 2 deck. Many classes don’t even have a tier 2 deck (Warrior/Shaman) so DH is doing fine.


Just wait. Right now most decks are slanted really heavily towards DH hate, and it just got nerfed.

Imo when DH settles down and people start building for something else, DH will pop right back up. It still does aggression far better than other classes can.


No I get all the hatred, and I’m not trying to defend the class.

I was just stating that I’ve finally put some money in the game to pre-order for something new and then the new thing becomes unplayable

Wow people are complaining that DH died just after it nearly destroyed the game. What a pathetic bunch of people this game panders to.


I get the feeling, but trust me, the class is still very much playable. As much as I loathe encouraging more DHs on ladder, I could find you some viable lists on HSreplay if it helps you enjoy your pre-order.

This quote is what I was making the statement about, but I see where your 1126 posts come from lol

like any f2p p2win mmo

You’re complaining that it’s unplayable when it nearly destroyed the game otherwise? You’re statement implies that you were complacent with the state of the game before these emergency nerfs took place, and that you prefer to play a class that was blatantly broken over having a healthy game state. How very self conceited.

My statement remains true.


Someone still doesn’t understand where I’m coming from lol.

And my oPiNiOn StiLL ReMaINs FaCtS

LOL when you have 1000+ posts and none are of any meaning

Its still perfectly viable class, even in wild. Your “point” is fictitious.


Oh no, demon hunter only has two of the six best decks today. It is unplayable!


It’s refreshing to see ppl know they are toxic


Ummmmmmmmmmmmm link?

Clarification: I’m not always toxic. But when I am, I’m so incredibly sarcastic it’s a notable occurrence.

Stop looking at CLASS winrate, start looking at deck winrate. There you go. Its stilla very strong class, just toned down from what it was. And thats before you even consider how heavily teched the rest of the meta is against DH!