Twist Winter Break Update

In the 28.0 Patch Notes, we announced that Twist would be going on hiatus for the December and January seasons, to return for the February season. We’ve seen your disappointment with that announcement, so we’ve decided to update our plans.

We’re pleased to see that Twist has some very passionate fans, and that players are enjoying the current November season (Wonders + Un’Goro). Instead of disabling Twist for December, we’re going to keep the current format going for one more season. Twist will still be taking a break for the January season and returning with a different format in February.

Why have a break at all? We want Twist to be a sandbox-like mode that lets us experiment with new ideas and makes you think about your collection in new ways. It was always intended to be a seasonal mode that would deactivate from time to time, kind of like a giant Tavern Brawl. That break gives us time to learn from prior Twist seasons and prepare for upcoming ones—and we hope it will make Twist more exciting when it returns. We understand now that the announce language was not clear enough in conveying how long those breaks could be. Going forward, we’ll do a better job of sharing our plans for upcoming breaks. For now, we hope that you continue to enjoy the Return to Un’Goro format, and we look forward to sharing the February season with you.


Still haven’t been any battle-ready decks for Un’goro… are dice just rolled to decide which formats get them and which don’t?

So Twist will still be up, but no balance changes?

I love this mode! Keep it up Blizz!


This is honestly a silly reason to remove players ability to even enjoy the mode. I do not agree with this at all.


Twist should never be offline. You can also think about new ideas while it is online. :slightly_smiling_face:


Why not just give us Classic mode during these “breaks”


How come you can’t learn and prepare while keeping the game mode open?


Translation: “We didn’t really do anything wrong. We always intended for long breaks and we tried to tell you so, but you didn’t understand.”

Kind of like how we thought Classic would be forever, similar to Wild, but instead it was just a temporary thing. Oops.

Nah, I’ve learned my lesson. Hearthstone could simply disappear tomorrow.


players abandoned classic because it didnt change for years got boring fast

so they replaced it for one that does

wouldnt be a bad idea to give us a month with up to nax once in a while
but this is a huge improvement compared to classic was a a little over a month after release

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How about during this month-long break give us ungoro without caverns of time and all the balance changes?


They play Snake Eyes.
"Roll two dice, then Discover which rotations get deck recipes. (Doubles get none!)

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Its kinda impressive how out of touch you people are … Even suspending my disbelief and thinking the general public is interested in any way about this mode. How the hell would it cross your mind that denying them what they want for two months (in current year attention spans) would make anyone not say “fudge this crap” and will be excited to come back after two months LOL :smiley:

The technology isnt there yet :smiley: They need to months off to prepare the 2 minute decision of which 5 random sets will be in the next season. I would be embarrassed if i had to write something like that …

Thank you for bringing it back for December! I hope you will find a way to keep it going in January too!

Thank you! I love this Un’Goro season so much that it motivated me to climb the ranked ladder for the very first time. I’m hoping the December season will be my chance to finally hit Legend. And I want to write a love letter thanking everyone who worked on buffs and balancing for this Season. I hope you guys can tell how much Twist players enjoy it.

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I mean, you’ve seen our disappointment with your lack of action on bots.

Care to do some real action on that aside from dumping more into the game?


Company propaganda line detected.

This only shows people that twist is a scam (just like mercstone was) and why spending money on this or any flavor of the month mode they cook up going forward is a waste of your money: they can and will lock the mode or shut it down without any warning.

Also, for all the (non organic) posts that pop up pushing for a subscription model: this is what that looks like. All your content “on hiatus” when you aren’t paying up.

Keep ruining this game and losing players that actually enjoyed Hearthstone as it was back in the day. You keep on introducing more random 1 turn win cards and totally invalidating original cards. Where is Classic Hearthstone, by the way? Oh. that’s right - you don’t care about those long term players with an actual will to spend on quality gaming.

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