Trial deck and already have the legendaries in there?

Tomorrow I can pick a trial deck to keep.
There is one I’m interested in but I have 2 of the 3 legendaries in it - will I get another copy of those? Or won’t I get anything at all? (in that case I would have to pick another deck just to maximise value sadly).

Anyone knows? :slight_smile:

The trial deck idea is pretty amazing btw…

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Which deck are you considering?

If the legendary is craftable, you will receive a 2nd copy of any cards in the deck, but if the duplicate legendary is not craftable (Core set cards), you will not receive a duplicate.

The various freebie preview legends like Marin for Perils, Colifero for Whizbang or Thunderbringer for Badlands also won’t give you an additional copy. Same with the “Level 1 on the rewards track” like Li’Na for Whizbang or Barrelbrim for Badlands.

The quickest way to check is to see if the ones in your collection are Uncraftable, you will not get copies of those.

So if I choose Rogue but I have Valorek already, I still get a spare copy of that?

(Tess became a freebie from what I can see - I had a golden copy before they made her a permanent guest :slight_smile: Love that archetype …)

Why are you even thinking about this?

Choose the good deck, & you won’t need random Legendary’s.

Playing a good deck is the point of the game.

Yes, you will get a 2nd Velarok

There are 4 ways to look at it:

  1. Pick a deck you actually want to use in a more permanent manner

  2. Pick one that has the highest amount of cards you already own (taking care to note “uncraftable” leggos since as others have stated, no dupes for you of those)

  3. Pick one that has the least amount of cards you own for the class you enjoy the most (maybe you hate plagues, but love other aspects of deathknight? Their trial deck had some juicy leggos)

  4. Pick one that’s for a class you enjoy the least (taking care to note neutral/shared cards as you may not want to dust those)

Well i think for us players that had to pick the loaner deck we had a choice to

Pick a deck we like to play and have fun with

Pick a strong meta deck that wil get us a good rank.

Or a deck with lots of legendaries for value.

However i want to ad it is possible to climb with a deck thats not as strong as strong that u also like but it might be abit harder or not depending on how well you can play it

Thats what i think at least and also what deck did you pick :slight_smile: