Took a break for a month +

Everything is exactly like I predicted.

Imp warlock is arugably the best deck in standard right now.

I stated when hunter gets nerfed warlock would be top tier/king again.

Well look what happend.

Naga priest and imp warlock the meta tyrants.

Funning thing is the expansion is back where it started again with the same 3 classes at top lmao.

Imp warlock

Naga priest

And ramp druid owning the meta.

Ramo druids win rate isnt too high but its still one of if not the most played deck other than imp warlock.

Should of buffed the other classes like i said…


Why would you prefer buffing “weak” decks instead of nerfing strong ones?

If we buff every aggro deck to be in pair with implock and every late game deck to be in pair with ramp druid, then everything would be absurd in terms of powerlevel

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You guys act as though this game can be balanced.
It can’t. There are too many busted cards. Way too many.
You can change what wins the most, and that’s all.

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honestly, when you look at the arena meta , which is basically vanilla hearthstone with a couple of great tournament , naxxramas card and DH core set .

The game are very fast.
You die turn 6/7 usually, or win turn 6/7 .
Miss 1 or 2 drop ? lose the game.
Lose the board after t5? lose the game.

I prefer modern hearthstone.

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If you think thats what im trying to say here… well im not.

For me the best time in HS was right b4 galakrond was taken out of rotation. Tbh ashes of outland besides how aburd dh was on release i loved that era. Fun games fun times. Not stale af as the game is right now.

Multiple classes had multiple good decks to play. Yes shaman for sure and maybe paladin was just bad then. Other than that i dont know a class that didnt have a decent deck.

Dear God I hated Galkrond. Only the Galakrond decks were actually viable.

The last VS report shows all classes have a good playable deck. This might be one of the more balanced metas in terms of amount of competitive decks in quite a while.

Busted is the new balance:)

50% of my opponents are thief rogues. What are you smoking

What tier are you in Hail?

~2k legend. I’ve been playing quest hunter

this is pretty much what you get when you have a bunch of monkeys on the design team

Everything falls into wild mode, if you don’t know that, you’re out of luck.

Not all classes had this legendary, so you got it wrong again.

Thus my point. Descent of Dragons was garbo for the “good guys”
and only Galakrond decks were top of the meta when it (galakraond) was first released as I can recall.

Anyway, it was a great expansion.

Huh? Hunter/Rogue are the best classes in the meta right now. Imp Lock gets destroyed by it and many other decks and priest is nonexistent.

…a month really isn’t very long lol, hope you didn’t spend TOO much time on those predictions!

Now, accurately predict the meta after any given upcoming expansion; THEN I’ll be impressed

Eh not true in the era i was talking about. I think only priest and rogue used. Both had viable decks that didnt use as well. Other classes didnt realy use.

Unless your talking gala was first released? Yeah everyone was using gala decks lol.

It was actualy 2 months if you count the fact i was only playing battle grounds.

Lots can change in one month let alone 2 months ngl.

All the statistics show otherwise. Even in top tier play.

Sounds like your pocket meta is diff than mine . Im just seeing priest and druids. Rogue is around but not like those 2 for me and my girl.

Heres the latest VS report

In Legend, Thief Rogue is overplayed to insanity.

Ramp Druid is in the top 3 most played deck in both D5+ and legend, despite poor winrate

Naga Priest is still the undisputed king everywhere despite being underplayed