Took a break for a month +

Yeah like i said i didnt play for almost 2 months played like 20 games eh? Not legened yet again.

Tyvm but i figured aa much.

Its prod played so much cause its they only fun deck right now for bunch of ppl.

Tbh ima try it again.

What sort of meta would you like to see? It seems to me that some players are never happy because there will always be top decks and because the meta doesn’t change enough for them.

I think some players just hate losing at all.

Yet the statistics show it’s Rogue. Not sure what level you are playing at but Rogue is heavily played because it is arguably the best deck in the entire meta next to Hunter at top legend. The only reason it’s not across the board dominate is because most players don’t play the deck correctly.

Thief Rogue has variance from the random cards you get from Sketchy and the “thief” package. It’s not always a skill issue, sometimes the deck just gives you crap that the pilot can’t make work.

Last time i checked naga priest has highest win rate period 4% higher than most other decks.

Hunter and rogue be at 52% and other be a whole woping .25% lower.

Hunter and rogue are not the best decks in the game. Tbh its naga priest then everything else about the same imo.

Yeah i seen a lot of rouges as well my pocket meta for myself didnt have a lot when i was playing for a couple days still most i see is druid then rouge and hunter.