Tmobile support?

I’m trying to login to play HS and it works just fine on a wifi connection. But when I switch to my normal data connection through tmobile, I get stuck at the tavern door with the hearthstone rock pulsating.

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I had a similar issue. I found a fix deep in the forums last year. Go to settings > connections > mobile networks > access point names

You should have a default APN. Open it up and write down everything. Create a new APN and copy everything over except in the APN Protocol field enter “IPv4/IPv6”. Sometimes it works just on IPv6 (which is the default) for periods of time, but it always works with the one I recommended. Keep both APN profiles since you may have to switch back to the IPv6 only profile for group texting and sending images via text, since sometimes those functions don’t work with the IPv4/IPv6 APN profile selected.