This Weeks Tavern Brawl May 22nd


Lets just call it Mech Hunter Magnetic Specialty Series

Replicatiing Menace

And that should be all you need to get your pack. After that you might have to get creative.

Or you could build a deck to beat that because that’s probably what you’re going to see.

That or a turn 5 super Annoy Module all magnetic up the same by a Paladin.
Cause then they drop Kangors Endless Army after you destroy their mechs.

Going to be a very boring Tavern Brawl this week.


I enjoyed this Brawl. I had only two 2-drops in my deck: two Scavenging Hyenas. I had only two 4-drops: Dire Frenzy. I had only one 5-drop: Halazzi the Lynx. So, by Turn 6, I was guaranteed to have all the pieces I’d need for my favorite Hearthstone combo!


Meh. Its pretty predictable though.

Mech Hunter Magentize
Mech Paladin Magnetize with Kangors
3rd Match was just straight up SMOrk hunter.
1 - 5 beasts with buffs. When I finally got to play a minion (taunt) yep Deadly Shot.

What I can’t tell is if the brawl is using s special AI to turn this event or if its just acting like normal.

I played Mech Hunter game one just didn’t streamline the deck as well as my opponent GG on 6.
Played same deck one more time got the Paladin GG on 8.
Hmmm try a silencing Priest with a severe limited library selection. Got SMOrked.


idk this is probably the dumbest TB, glad I won turn 4 somehow


your name… …


I won tavern brawl on the third game running a paladin without epics or legendaries. I knew that others would, and I knew the weaknesses of the fastest aggros or max pain legendary decks. A low budget paladin can do it quite easily. You get the perfect curved draw. This is a test of your ability to build a deck given full information about what you will face. There is skill in this if you want to build a custom deck. Otherwise, grind it out with a net deck.


Yeah man. Grind out that one win