This game is TRASH

I’ve been playing hearthstone since it launched and it is the last blizzard game i am playing after finally breaking myself away from there bigger garbage game wow.
I know all the blizz fans will troll me and I really dont really care.
It just kills me how the card generation is … Ive said it once before the game is 70% Luck and 30% skill … Blizzard, you can ban me from all your games it just doesnt matter because I just dont see you trying to fix anything … you just take our money and Im done with giving your company any more money … its not a good feeling when you buy and play a pile of dung


The only hope for this game is for Microsoft to buy Activision and fire the project manager(s). There’s no balance, overpowered cards get asinine nerfs that don’t fix the problem and the game is skewed in favor of whatever classes the Devs prefer.

So you get these Devs that come up with these ridiculous, unbalanced combos and cards and they’re so happy with themselves they let run amok in the game. The nerfs are a joke now. They used to actually fix the problem.

And Brann? He’s not going anywhere. Has he ever been nerfed? The easy nerf is for his power to last once.

How about Rogue, Mage and Hunter with their endless cheap cards, high damage for virtually no cost and they never seem to go low on cards?

This development team is clueless regarding balance. Yes yes they come up with cool card mechanics, the artwork is great… wonderful. But they’re so in love with the mechanics they’ve come up with, they don’t fix sht. The gameplay is crap.

I blame this solely on whomever are the Project leads. Inept to say the least.


no doubt about it … I am currently at rank 2 platinum I got to rank 1 with only 2 more wins to hit diamond but then of course the last 4 games not one card I can use dropped and I lost 4 str8 … Za’qul is broken on the warlock deck … doesnt heal you when you need it to … so much bullsh*t and it only infuriates me when I think about how much money I have given this S**T company …

People say this every year and this is March of it’s 9th year…

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not only that but here is another … you would think it would be a a matter they would want to fix when a card doesn’t do what it is made to do example the lock card Za’qul it sometimes doesn’t heal you when you set it up to where who you’re fighting has a few curses so that you get multiple curses for heals… I put a ticket in on this matter earlier today and still got zero response … They just do not care all they give a sh*t about nothing cept taking your money … I mean look at the new diablo 80 bucks for a reskin of a game they already have out … really nothing different about it and it is a crying shame and a JOKE … This company has turned into pure trash

Yup which is amazing because the game really is unbalanced and not fun right now.

what are you talking about the nerfs were good and CC needed to be nerfed same with gnoll

too bad shaman depended way too much on it , maybe the next expansion will solve that!

card generation is what makes the game fun and we dont have as much as when galakronds and the lackeys were in standard

I definitely agree with you. This is first time what i will not buy next expansion becouse game is trash. I never seen this mess in any game. Blizzard dont care and I dont care too any more. I playing this game since beta without 1year

Before the nerfs only 2 classes were above 50% win rate

after nerfs 5 with 2 at 49.5%

That is a HUGE balance compared to what it was before the nerfs. You are just MAD because you used an OP deck to prop you up because you have no actual skill.

no skill … lol deal ya anytime put your money where your mouth is