This anomaly crap has no place in standard

The title says it all. What is Blizzard doing???

Standard should be just that - “standard”. There’s nothing wrong with mixing it up in other modes (which is where the whole anomaly thing should have gone). But standard should be just like says.


I also think it’s terrible to have this thing in standard until next expansion. It just adds more pathetic RNG in a game where RNG is already a big deciding element in the outcome of a game.


They feel more random = more fun, which is true to a certain extent, but when you’re dealing with high-rank play, the last thing people want is to lose because they got an anomaly that benefits their opponent’s deck more than theirs. It almost feels like Team 5 wants the game to die with how bone-headed these decisions are. People hated anomalies in BGs, and yet they decided to go ahead and add them to Standard as well. Truly amazing how one team can be so horrible at their jobs.


If there’s anything the game needed, it’s even more RNG. ~eyeroll~


Completely agree with OP. This is dog water. The game is random enough. I want to play a card game not a slot machine.


is an event and im having fun so far

then itll be just 25% and i added choggall because during the event we may get a second anomaly from its effect

it doesnt happen often

most anomalies are great …there are 2 i didnt like
the discover a basic hero power one ( when i play warlock i really dont want to lose my hero power )

and driven by excess ( draw a card if you end your turn with unspent mana )
but thats only when i play a slow deck and i end up overdrawing because of it


I think it’s wonderful. It spices things up. I am so tired of playing against the same 5 decks that people looked up online under “BEST STANDARD DECKS.” This forces some variety and for people to think for themselves. Its honestly a godsend.


People still play those decks.

Except for a few days there people will lose with yogg. I keep getting warlocks, warriors and dh at legend, other classes are rare atm

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Have you considered, FOR ONCE that other people AREN’T?

And that your fun isn’t a metric whether to something is a good addition to the game or not?


I do not like rng in games, because more rng = less skill involved, but this is a fun event. I mean, if both players get the 1 mana hp, or 1 coin for unused mana, it’s not really to be considered a rng heavy match, everyone receive the same weapon. Even the most rng heavy anomalies are not that bad imo.

Why they didn’t do this in Twist is beyond me. Promotes the mode and keeps it away from Standard/Wild.

Well hearstone 2023 game is random just random i guess you like this, or find other card game.

I’m calling for making hs… a idle game

Yogg-saron, the ultimate
Start of the game, yogg takes over your actions, while casting a random spell each turn.

There, why even play rng when the game can rng for you.


This game has lost so much of its competitive appeal. Casinostone now.


I’m sure they’ll sell/rent their bots for customer use at some point.

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totally true man i am actually diamond 3 and i can’t just click the “play” button because each time i do i think do i will get screwed this game ?

in this state i will slowly try to hit legend , not enjoying my runs for the most parts because i need to deal with randoms things . and sometimes i will think OMG my opponent get screwed and i don’t merit this win at all and i will feel bad about that that my opponent get screwed , and i just don’t want to have this feeling about anything or anybody .


Boreas has been and always will be a corporate shill who cares little about what the community actually thinks, and only exists to white knight Blizzard’s horrible decisions.


Yeah, multiple sargerases and symphonies of mill top 6 cards and mage every flipping turn fills his board with elementals. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED ?

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Making every match have it is such a pain in the rear. I’m abstaining from anything except battlegrounds until it’s over (though BG’s have their own admittedly slightly less crappy version of anomalies at the moment.). I admit however it’s a good way to get users to understand what the anomalies are and why someone may want to run Cho’gall in their deck but it’s just too annoying.

That discover a new heronpower can really mess up warrior and warlock decks, i agree that js a bad anomaly