This a nice change but itll confuse a lot of players!

Updated more individual card timings to make them match the general timing rules. The most notable update in this pass is that cards with “while damaged” effects will persist through enchantments. For example, a damaged Grommash will now have 7 Attack after a Wave of Apathy, instead of 1.

See, I had an issue with Wave of Apathy where a hunter had multiple animal companions that buffed the attack of the minions on the board. It didn’t reduce the attack multipliers after using it.
It makes sense but Wave of Apathy is worded poorly.

It says it does it until next turn but it doesn’t say it’s effects are negated by anything. Learning the cards proper plays has cost me games.


If you asked me how this interaction would work, I would have said that the “while damaged” is applied as an aura, so wave of apathy would set the base attack to 1, then it is increased by 6.

If you use wave of apathy when there is the “your pirates have +1+1”, will they have 1 attack or 2? I would say 2.

It’s pretty rare to see a priest and it’s even rarer for me to play priest or pirate warrior (or warrior in general), so I have never questioned myself about this interaction, but I think now it works as it should.

(I may be wrong, but I think that if you set the health to 1 while the pirate “+1+1” is present, you will obtain a board with 2 health)