The wild combo I hate more than anything

Nerf Firemancer, Toxfin combo already. A 3 mana board clear that destroys only your opponents board, not to mention can be pulled out of thin air with “ice fishing”. It’s time this combo died with every other broken wild combo that wins games by playing one or two cards early game. It probably wouldn’t feel broken if it wasn’t for “ice fishing” pull a combo out of my ___ magic.

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4-6 cost and 2-3 cards? Seems fine to me. Annoying? Sure. Far from the most toxic wild combo. I do hate murlocs in general, though…

The druid spell doubler is pretty bad with a variety of combos. Infinite shudderwock is pretty bad. Illuminate plus that six-cost spell is no fun.


Maybe they could make the poison one turn only. I don’t think I have ever seen that with most of the status buffs but would be a nice protocol. Wonder how ppl would react if they started making it so cards went immune to status effects or reverted to their original state after so many turns on the board or in the hand. Some like Galakrond would have to be exceptions.

Imo, the poison should only apply if it’s attacking directly. No effect to the full field damage. Or just full throttle it, and kill the opposing hero with it.


My idea would be to have it poison everything but murlocs but even then “ice fishing” seems to be the main issue. If firemancer was ocassionally buried in the deck with no ability to magically draw the combo it wouldn’t be nearly as big of problem.

I could play around a non-poison everything firemancer, even with ice fishing. It’s the mass poison that makes it broken.

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That’s true, I’d also agree the poison effect is too strong.

But being able to pull the combo from the deck whenever someone needs it seems broken.

Hard disagree and no I don’t have the card. Murloc decks have little to no board clear. Any 2 cost, 3dmg spell kills minion.

The full package can include as many murlocs as mutanus, the 2/1 that copies itself, ravager, Scargill, and clownfish. I’ve even seen rotgill included. Ice fishing isn’t an automatic flurgle tox draw.

Also, I have a decent matchup against it playing weasel priest so how strong is the deck really?

Most aggro decks don’t play board clears or have strong defense options besides taunt minions. Also killing a minion is fine but having the ability to kill an entire board by pulling the exact two cards you need from the deck is a bit much.

Ravager, clownfish combo is just as busted as ice fishing and only adds to the problem.

Maybe YOUR decks or net decks don’t carry clear tools. Dunno and don’t care truthfully. I stand by what I said. If a deck has one board clear and it screws you over its likely YOUR deck thats the issue, not a case of it being too strong a clear. Many other decks have alot more aoe clears than one.

Also this mechanic existed with beasts and hunters YEARS before firemancer was released. No one has mentioned it either.

I’ve watched a multitude of streamers/youtubers roll their eyes and concede when toxfin combo is played. If you aren’t choosing to play a control deck/combo deck its an auto concede situation. It’s not healthy gameplay.

I counter it with an aggro deck, any 3 dmg rush minion, most 2 dmg spells, and of course, dmg hero powers.

If you or “streamers” can’t figure out how to add almost ANY removal tools to your deck you need to learn how to counter in deck building and stop using generic “meta” decks. Deck building is a skill that isnt hard to learn. But no nerf is needed. I have NEVER lost because of firemancer. 1 aoe clear that requires 2 cards does not break the game.

The new murlocs are over powered along with toxfin, flurgle combo. There are new youtube videos each day showcasing how oppressive Shudderwock Shaman has grown. Get ready for a nerf soon.

Who gives a crap about youtube? That doesnt equal a nerf, bud. Murlocs in general and this combo is easily beaten, play even totem shaman, lol.

Shaman in general is busted. Both decks could use a subtle adjustment going forward.

Boring like every agrro