The RNG of them ALL

You keep deleting my threads Blizzard, but you can’t delete the fact that this Rogue, had the perfect RNG of them all. With Sonya WaterDance … in an ARENA MATCH!!

Precisely 16 damage lethal! I mean … what were the odds here???

This right here with no questions asked.

Literally, if you look at the reply.

I watched it. Bad luck for you I guess. I don’t know that it was scripted or whatever though.

Some people seem to think that rare things should never occur.

Having exactly lethal on the last turn he could have done it, since the next one he would have been death, that’s not rare. That’s scripted. Right from the cards he drawn in the last 3 turns to the last one and the discovery …that’s scripted, not “rare things”.

How much bad luck? This is the next match on the same arena run as my OP post, which literally happened few minutes ago.

He had 3 Inquisitors. 3 ( !!! ). You can’t win vs that.

I though about “bad luck”, but not anymore. This are scripted outcomes.

Yup. Scripted af.

Edit: And the 3th lose : minutes after the above one.

Do you still believe in “bad luck” ? My deck was decently good. But 1-3 with it ? And vs all amazing and aggro decks? Nope! That’s scripted.

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better stop playing arena until they get you off the “we care enough to rig matches against this guy” list apparently then.

I mean, on the one hand, it’s entirely true that things like skill base matchmaking do not take actual player skill as the sole metric. And you can read that for yourself in Activision’s reports to their investors where they discuss how they are using engagement metrics to drive cash shop spending. TL;DR is they can potentially alter your win chances in whatever ways they think will get you to spend money.

On the other hand though, the last time a cultural revolution that overthrew an entire economic structure and generated true reform came about from random forum poster number #66 on some gaming forum is… probably never? So I don’t see the point of continuing to post this.

Those who know, know. Those who don’t, probably don’t care enough to bother.