The most unbalanced state of HS in a long time

DH almost at 60% winrate and 6 classes are below 50%.

I guess we have to wait a month until you will fix the mistake you did last patch.


i’m about to auto concede vs them. I’m afraid i’ll get banned but it’s so annoying to face that deck

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I am pretty much done with Hearthstone. They don’t play test anything and can’t even bother to fix their own community event bugs. It really feels like the entire game has changed for the worse with more focus on the store rather then fixing the actual game. I should have never bought the expansion pack bundle if I knew it was going to be this bad. I am out to.

Exactly the state of affairs. They make certain decks crazy powerful and then have lots of bots (i think there are more in wild), and then ban you if you exhibit botlike behaviour like conceding.

And agree on DH. All the top decks are DH. I hope they dont kill it though cos another deck will just take its place. Nerf it gently and buff some others gently too so that they gradually become balanced across.

I’m ready to auto concede to every player who appeared to buy the overpriced bundles

Can’t win most of the time.

Hate the developer more and more every time I lose.

The teams are too busy trying to make all of Hearthstone into kiddie DeviantArt to worry about silly things like balance and fun.