The elephant in the room

So aggro pala is the only archetype in tier 1 with a certified winrate that goes easily above 68% and many decks that have over 75% winrate… i can understand the nerf on the snake 'cuz it was pretty op, but i think something must be done against pala too

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Tried this so called op deck. Went 0-8, every opponent haveing the perfect anti aggro starting hand and draw. What exactly is supposed to be the problem?

i don’t know how is that possible, i made it and i got the exact opposite results

If you are not playing some sort of aggro deck you are not playing the game correctly. Courtesy of team5 … I couldn’t think worse expansions than the ones already provided can come but yea, it’s always nice to see Blizzard keeps the palmaris up with disappointments.

Since they started getting targeted for firing , I am actually not even mad anymore on their failures. I actually get happy.

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No, not just pala… but ALL of the aggro… AND if we weaken aggro… then also need to weaken unlimited control (Renethal should be banned)… Both of those are really problematic… nerfing just pala won’t fix anything… ppl will switch to another OP aggro deck… like Shadow Priest… ALL of the aggro and control should be nerfed hard to reach something…

shadow priest is not op lol.

Dude… all of the aggros are OP for a long time now… But control is broken only since Prince Renethal exist…

Just because your deck is op doesnt mean all of them are. I can beat shadow priest with most of my deck. It has some op cards like that 5/4 deal 5 but if they removed that it would be fine.

You actually think the devs design the game the way they do because they want to? You think they have a choice?

The game is the way it is because upper management and the accounting department have figured out that this is the way to maximize revenue from the game. Team 5 have to go along with whatever is imposed on them from above.

Imagine blaming rank and file workers for decisions they likely had no say in whatsoever, and wishing they would get fired instead of the people actually making those decisions. That’s some serious bootlicker mentality you have going on.

Get a grip bud. It’s a video game. It’s nothing worth wishing harm on your fellow proles just trying to make a living. Please touch grass and develop some sense of class solidarity.

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I will have that in mind for my next reincarnation…

For now , you cannot tell people how to think or what to say…

Every person getting fired from Blizzard is another smile on my face. Period.

You can brag all you want on morality and what people should think over video games or something, but it doesn’t matter…To me, you are a nobody, and probably the feeling is mutual…So telling me what think about Blizzard, really doesn’t trigger any emotions.

The only really thing I feel, is shame, disgust and utter hate for the people who call themselves Blizzard, the current waste of shades that control what used to be the pioneering in game developing, this corrupted , mindless, money hungry people that call themselves innovators, that they bring the best gaming experience while lying through their teeth. As soon as more of them trash bins after they get fired, as soon as stories about “ooo man I used to be a great dev but now I eat from the trash because I was so good” will come around :).

Look at Hunter for example…he tried so hard to get empathy on social medias about his “Firing after whatever years he put up for the company” and yet he is still open to work…So yea, you tell me how this guys are doing a great job. It’s just selection of the fitest.

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How can you understand the nerf on the snake when it wasn’t even close to 59% winrate like paladin. Snake had bad matchups vs ANY aggro deck. Everyone complained about “feels bad” so snake got nerfed. IMO losing to Paladin feels worse because it’s been like this forever. Forums picked the wrong class to nerf ffs.