The botting problem in wild is ridiculous and pathetic

Just add a captcha system already since clearly you can’t fix the problem.

4 even shaman bots in a row, super fun exhilarating gameplay.

According to the Hearthstone Defenders, there are no bots just like there is no war in Ba Sing Se……

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For the whole year I din´t see single poster to deny there are bots. Are you Hearthstone Haters so desperate and pathetic that you have to making things up?

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How is he making things up? There are plenty of bots in low level ranked, whether its standard or wild

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I dont hate hearthstone; but i assure you there are bots infested in the game both made by players and blizzard

And I said noones deny that. Can you even read?

OP, you are completely correct. The bot problem is pervasive and ridiculous in Wild. Between pirate bots and even shaman bots it’s the majority of games diamond 5 to legend. I can play single player in a different game and have more fun.

We went through the crashing problem and now this. Anyone who reads this and is thinking of spending ANY money on this game should reconsider. I have zero satisfaction beating a bot, and 100% frustration if I lose to a bot. Just makes this a lousy game.

maybe i read your lazy spelling and sentence wrong

Yes, there are shills who deny bots, the same one that say there are no bots in world of war craft.
They will literally say: “How do you know it’s a bot? There is no way for you to know, only blizzard can see the data and to know.”
The worst bots are the one that fuze burn and low card boogie.

maybe it was just the bots that were the problem, you are scammed every day and you don’t realize it, this game has NOTHING random, everything is driven by blizzard, your every gesture has NOTHING that comes from you, randomness dominates 90% of the game and therefore blizzard has your gaming life in its hands, every action you take has a written objective, if you spend real money (absolutely not a smart choice) blizzard increases you “x” the rng state, if you never pay a dollar you will be able only suffer frustration in the long term, practically millions of hamsters running in the wheels convinced that they are doing something… Luckily I found the perfect strategy, zero dollars per blizzard and I only play when I go to the toilet… ahahah

My lazy spelling? Says the guy who can’t capitalize the first letter at the start of a sentence and spells everything lower cased….

Or you’re just too stupid? That’s a possibility as well. Can’t rule out your stupidity.