Success points - why no explanation, Blizzard?

I hate it so much, when platforms introduce new features without explaining them. Why is it so hard to place question marks next to this new stuff?
To my question: There are newly introduced success points. Nowhere is an explanation provided what these points are good for. And this is really annoying, I can tell you… A forum search reveals absolutely nothing useful, and so doesn’t Google
I can’t link an image here to show the section/points in question, and I have a german client. The points are shown under Tagbeuch/Diary (Quests, Success etc.) > Erfolge/Success (3rd icon from above).

I’m assuming you mean Achievement points. The only reason they’re there is to give you an idea of how many achievements you’ve earned. There’s no other reason for them, not is there a benefit to them.

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Madmax, thank you for your answer. Now this all becomes all very plausible. I can literally see the Blizzard Editors desperately there: “Jesus! How should we describe these newly introduced points that have no meaning at all… Well, what can we do, we are not responsible for what the Designers create, and we can’t fix **** they invent, by adding useless texts - so let’s leave this one out, and take care of the next new feature … … Jesus! …” :slight_smile: