Stuck on initializing when updating

I was playing Diablo Immoral on PC and it crashed. After the crash, it started an update. It got to initializing and is not going any further.

I cannot play WoW or D2R as there are updates pending for those as well but they cannot update because Diablo Immortal is updating.

I uninstalled Battlenet nd reinstalled but that did not work. I am not sure what to do at this point.

UPDATE: I went and deleted the Diablo Immortal Folder and restarted Battenet and WoW and D2R both updated. I then reinstalled Diablo Immortal and was able to play.

A quick google search seem to show that many people are having issues with Diablo Immortal not updating and the only way to get it updated is to delete the entire folder and reinstall the game.

I hope that I am not going to have to go through this process with every update. I did not have this issue when the game first came out. Not not what got changed to have this become an issue now.

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Have you heard anything, I am having the exact same issue…i did scan and repair, etc…but nothing fixed it.

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I had the same exact issue. Same as you I had to uninstall Diablo Immortal and then download and reinstall it. I also had my other updates on hold until I cleared the stuck-on initializing issue. I did first try uninstalling/reinstalling Battle Net but that didn’t help.

No. The only way I could get it was to completely delete the Diablo Immortal directory and completely reinstall the game from scratch. I could not ever use scan and repair. It just said “scanning files” and really did nothing. Just stayed at 0% progress.

Yeah. I could not uninstall Diablo Immortal from Battle Net either. It just got hung up and did nothing. I had to go into Explorer and just delete the folder from there.

Yeah, i wanted to start diablo inmortal and after i hit update, it says starting and it stuck there, for more than 5 minutes. Even to uninstall the game thorught the launcher is a pain . I had to delete the folder manually. After i reinstalled windows on a new hdd this has became a really painfull thing to manage.

Something similar when i try to download any kind of update, i lost the progress if i hit the pause button and later hit resume if i want to restart where i left of the download. I dont know what to think about these guys.

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