Streamers ruined the game

All for views and monetization if aggro wasnt enough you have to worry about crunched numbers and being killed by shenanigans with 1 million mines or infinate horses to kill the hero where half the player base follows good job blizztards for great balance. Roll in that money and lose every player that backed you in the beginning because you were a good company who cared

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How are uninteractive wincons (I assume that’s what you’re complaining about) the fault of streamers? They don’t design the game.

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No they just exploit it to the public for personal gain

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Creo que los streamers por el contrario, hicieron crecer el juego. Ciertamente sus videos influyen en un porcentaje del meta game, pero no publicar ni popularizar algun mazo, no va evitar que alguien lo descubra y comience a abusar de el. Ademas los mazos counters tardarian mas en ser descubiertos. Lo del beneficio personal por monetizar bueno, eso es subjetivo, mientras uno no se gane la vida de esa manera, ninguna otra fuente de dinero que no sea la que nosotros ejersamos, nos va a parecer completamente justa.

Someone is a little salty.

Your title is “Streamers ruined the game”

Did you forget to argue your point, or did you immediately realize the devs are responsible for the game and streamers actually bring more people to it.


Look numb nuts i said streamers ruined the game thats exactly the point. Can you not read? I didn’t say nor do i care streamers bring more people to the game by changing the fact of the post to make yourself feel credible. You want to support it, fine thats your prerogative. Devs are just as responsible for this piece of trash that evolved by not putting in work.

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Two things:

You still haven’t made an argument as to how streamers ruined this game given they don’t have access to the code, it’s development etc. I would hope/assume some pros are consulted, yes, but you say nothing to the point of your complaint.

Second, I didn’t name call or anything of the sort in my reply. I understand debates can get heated, I know I’ve dropped the ball myself in these forums, but it’s no excuse. Please, if you wish to actually debate the issue, put forth your argument and refrain from responding as such.