Still no patch on iPad?

I’ve Been waiting all day to install the new patch on my iPad. Hearthstone tells me to install the new version and restart the game, however, the App Store does not show a new version.
I post on a thread that refers to the same stuff happening before and the moderator shuts it down… nice going Blizzard, and yes, I paid for this and many previous “expansions”.
How about some customer service? I wasn’t really pissed until that jerk moderator.

Patches for mobile devices IOS and Android devices can take a bit longer to push since it does have to go through a different process for the respective app store. We do monitor these updates, so hopefully the patch 16.2 will be pushed to iOS devices soon.

Any news on when the update will land on IOS devices ?

You advertise a prerelease date. It should be on YOU to ensure the game passes thru checks and customs before the release date so it is ready.

We can’t even launch the game. Essentially your must have adventure that people wasted their money on is preventing them from even playing the rest of the game. Your response sucks btw. Way to show you actually care by blaming everyone else but yourselves.