Still IMBALANCED, broken cards

most broken/imbalanced cards which should get nerfed to add more healthy to stanard:

-Meha Shark -Reduce DMG DEAL from 3 dmg —> 2dmg
-Azsharan Sweeper -due to almost infinite mechs for Mages, it should be reduced from 3 random mechs —> 2 random mechs
-Seafloor Gateway - change the Reduction to —> CANT COST ZERO

-Bubblebot -4/4/4 give ur mechs taunt + divine is WAY TOO MUCH, should be changed to give Taunt or Divine or add the core effect to 2-3 random mechs but NOT THE WHOLE BOARD
-Radar Detector -2 MANA DRAW 5 mechs (if possible) is WAY TO MUCH, not for the cost of the card, it should be lowered from 5 —> 4 and the cost increased to 3

-From the Depths - 3 mana CHEAT 15 WORTH OF MANA cards in the bottom and dredge is crazy, this is not a card which should be abble to use for a Warrior Class
it should be easy increased from 3 —> 5 mana cost or the amount of cards from 5 —> to 3 cuz its retarded at actuall state of the cost of the spell and amount of cheated mana + dredge effect, its feels like a ROGUE CARD at all not Warriors…

Overal for Warriors the amount of how easy he can pump the armor to get like 15-20 armors is crazy while it have very cheap synergies with spells like:

-Shield Slam -literally 1 mana insta K.O spell no matter how much health our big minion have, it mostly die in almost every situations
-Brawl -literally mass removal for a 5 mana with a 50% chance of keeping our single or enemy minion on the board, wayy to cheap
-Shield Shatter - reduce the 5 dmg to 4 dmg, cuz its still almost another mass removal for a like easy 0 cost mana…
-Onyxian Drake the 4 mana 4/5 dragon TAUNT with almost always K.O to single minion is a joke cheap card, its overal strong minion + free the effect of K.O, really its way to much and its another “removal” trick for the Warriors…
-Captain Galvangar if 15 armor blabla, 6 mana 9/9 + charge is an another unhealthy CRAP like a mr smite

-Nerf Guff
-Nerf Cellestial Alignment
-ADD atleast 1 more steep from 2/2 to 3/3 to a Hunter Quest
-Remove Kazakusan to WILD ONLY cuz its soo unhealthy CRAP design

-Buff Colaque
-Buff Glugg

as a Rogue MAIN, buff the unplayable cards:

-Blood in the Water
-Bootstrap Sunkeneer
cuz both of it its wayyy OVERPRICED and weak/unplayable SLOWWW and the stupid combination effect are a such joke idea to add to the Sunkeneer
-buff the Lobotomizer cus its kina useless and no one use it

CHANGE THE Colossals theme to be a category of a Collosal Card to prevent it being multiple discovered like a Gaias in mage which is frustrating and unfair

Really NERF MR SMITE, cuz this CRAP cheap design card is too easy an final blow card condition, especially for warrior and the Nelie OP CRAP discover, or buffed option as a last resort in a hand-buff Paladins or even as a Rogue Swing K.O with a combinations with the FILLETFIGHTER which is a 8 mana deal 14 dmg to FACE

srsly this CRAP destroys everything simmilar to kazakusan and i dont like to be forced to “must-play” this crap to be effective cuz its too easy way for some classes to get final blow OTK atleast half of the health of the enemy to face… its so frustrating, and as a Rogue this CRAP designed card is mostly the only one full impact option to finish the enemy in like a 8th turn with the Filletfighters dealing 14 dmg to face, BUT I DONT LIKE IT, cuz there should be another different options to do instead of this crap design swings, the same as a Nellie Discovers or hand-buffed 12/12 charge or more…

PS: Rogues still lacks of a single cheap DRAW options in decks, really they suffer so much and needs a spell like a Swindle which add a minion/spell… cuz all what we have are literally a 1 mana draw/dredge 1 card or the Shroud of Concealment which isnt great… the other ones are mostly useless cuz needs preparations/combinations/other synergy cards to be any usefull…


Gnoll revert was a mistake

How can people cry on Drek’thar , when Rogue can highroll you with even BIGGER BOARDS early game ???


Rogue looks in a decent spot now what are you even talking about? I think it’s best to give it a good wait to see where they properly land though in the meta.

The only complaints of yours that I could take even remotely serious was the ones in regards to Mr Smite, who yeah is still busted. And Paladin, who I am surprised didn’t get an adjustment in the recent patch.

Druid is looking pretty bad at the moment, so I have no idea why you would want to nerf them. Kazakusan himself is barely playable at the moment and is only generally relevant if you are playing against Control Warrior or something… And on Control Warrior, they literally just lost their best matchup in DH, Warriors are leaning back towards playing Quest.

Mech isn’t even Mages’s best deck, and neither of their decks are even close to being worthy of nerfs.

I think you need to take a chill pill, just because you lose games it doesn’t mean the game is imbalanced. And Rogue does look pretty good right now…

Tl,Dr: everything is overpowered.


Gnoll is problem ? how many times u get this roll ? lol

Rogue looks “okay” and the burge is still a meme and mostly works on a good Roconnaissance Agony minions and reverting it

i talks about the cards which are unplayable/slow/overpriced, and no one uses this weak Blood in the water or sunkeneer cuz its a Slow/minor offect compare to options in another classes which can do simmillar effects for cheaper, and when they printed a new cards (Voyage) which looks weak/unplayable then why u want to ignore it and not try make it viable/any option to get any replacement and more ideas for decks with only obvious choices ???

PS: talking about win/rate like most peoples on the forum always smiles me, cuz its a NOT about high win-ratio but about TOXIC PLAYS, and playing even easier (LITERALLY BUFFED) kozakusan, playing Charged MR Smites with companions, playing the sharks with mass aoe hit to out boards, clearing it and dealing face dmg are SOO TOXIC PLAYS and thers no matter win/ratio conditions or other stats, cuz its just a CRAP DESIGN and crazy plays

u cant tell me for example a 3 mana card + DREDGE + REDUCE 5 CARDS ON THE BOTTOM FOR a 3 mana EACH are a “okay good design” effect for the amount of mana which we need to spend to do this, which is kinda 3 mana vs 15 mana cheat + dredge… and this is what im talking about

One player’s toxicity is another player’s entertainment. A middle ground, a compromise, needs to be made so as a deck can be fun without being toxic. This usually means board centricity.


My biggest issue with this set is that while they went to a board centric meta, they basically gave every deck tools to build a nearly unanswerable board by turn 5 or 6 or so.

So it is really only the illusion of being more interactive than the quest decks just burning you out by turn 7. You are still just in a race to do your broken thing for the most part.

So yeah… Everything kind of is overpowered, it’s just the win rates making things look balanced.


looking at a Thief Rogue decks at the moment, most of the Burgles uses the CRAP Mr Smite + Filletfighters to make a 8th turn swing to face for 14 dmg, and this frustrating me in design, cuz even if the core decks are about burgling, taking a random cards from enemy in hope for a good rolls and reverting it, theres still a CRAPS in the deck which dont vibe with the specific deck style, and whos are in it only due to the TOXIC LAME CHARGE SWING…

srsly thers nothing much more for me already than the Smite + kazakusun KICK to WILD and bann in standard, soo TOXIC and unhealthy craps

you should not involve rouge buffs when you want to talk about nerfs.
because you are right with many of the op claims you make if not all of them.

Except Rogue, apparently, which also happens to be his main.

“Nerf all my matchups”


100% agree

nerf warrior, rogue, shaman, mage, druid, warlock, demon hunter, hunter, priest

buff cariel
buff leviathan
make paladin hero power automatically upgraded

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ok, may i ask, what a Card of a Rogue look so IMBALANCED for you in the RAW cost price/effects ATM ? and then we can compare to the other classes “simillar” ones, and we will see how many OP have rogue and other classes

and dont know why u say " nerf all matchups" are u blind or something ? im only talks about toxic cards/swings or the ones with a joke cost in compare to the effects it has

If I have to pick one, swordfish is easily unbalanced.
It appears balanced because rogue isn’t good, but the card is as good as mecha shark, for example

(is it imbalanced or unbalanced? :thinking: )

azharan vessel is normally a 5 mana 12/12 which can be cheated out on turn 3
scabbs is vanish + 8/4 worth of stats + 5 armour + +2 mana every turn
double agent is a 3 mana 6/6
wildpaw gnome is a 0 mana 4/5
crabatoa is a 6 mana deal 12 6/5 body with a 4/1 weapon


nobody thinks rogue is OP but its not as bad as druid, shaman, DH or priest in winrate.

this is clearly bait but its funny to respond

Imbalanced. Unbalanced is the act of making something imbalanced. But, 'round here we call it unbalanced, I think.

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and why i know the Swordfish will be first “OP” card in the talks lol ^^
3 mana 2/3 weapon with Dredge (+ 2 dmg bonus if pirate) -while without the Bonus being a medicore, literally not worth in use
specific card which works only with atleast half pirate deck (to get the bonus for sure) and literally ONLY ONE “GOD” card in the new expansion for Rogue which have a strong vibe with the pirate poor archetype (around 40% wr) and being a FACE-show-card for Rogue Class NOW
while still easy countered by Vipers, but i dont know why ppl dont like to use atleast 1 Tech cards to prevent the suffering they talking about…

to get any real use of Azsharaan Vessel u need preparation in hand + eventually dredge to get any real Tempo from it

ppl Cry about Scabbs while when the Vanish were in standard NO ONE USED IT its funny to me ^^ and now its OP ^^ maybe they should change it to be a blackhole effect then ? instead of revert the board lol -literally the 2 mana cheat after scabs are kinda low-impact and in most of the plays we still end turn with a mana left cuz thers no options to cast something

double agent -works only with burgle style while we get the random other class card

Crabatoa is like an anti-aggro Colossus and its very good, very nice vibe to Rogues like the Swordfish, but its playable in every deck as a standalone -overall best card from the new expansion for Rogues for me

I think you should wait a little while before assuming anything, namely that rogue is bad. It hasn’t been long enough yet for the meta to settle post-patch.

have you tried to play mecha shark in a deck without mechs?
A rogue with swordfish will probably play a pirate deck and the dredge will give you a pirate almost every time.

I thought we were talking about strong cards that do to much for their cost, not about broken archetypes that should be nerfed, as you said:

3 mana 4/3 weapon that dredges and gives +2 is imbalanced in terms of raw cost/effect, for me

on papper its strong 4/3 Weapon + 2 attack to a minion + dredge is a lot, for me they can cut off the +2 attack cuz its still in most times useless when we give it to a pirate which we want to play in the next turn, cuz in most times they have low health and die problably before any impact

but still its a joke to me in compare to a 3 mana Dredge a card and cheat 5 cards on the bottom by 3 mana each or 2 mana scann/draw 3-4 (5!!!) Mechs ^^
3 mana 3/2 Harpoon with dredge every hit + 3 mana cheat every hit TO BEAST card in compare to Swordfish dont look worse for me now, and literally better and more OP now ^^

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from the depths isn’t that good without finley, its just really highroll incase you pull rokkara or nellie but it probably needs a change.

radar detector has a significantly more restricted deckbuilding requirement, since every non mech is a severe punishment. most lists run 12? non mechs, so on average its a 2 mana draw 3. its also the strongest card in paladin

the harpoon is literally bad, its a walking contradiction. it wants to be run in big beast hunter, but big beast hunter really doesn’t have that many beasts in it. 4 beasts actually worth cheating out and hydroladon trolls the revive pool