State of Hearthstone

Feedback for Blizzard. I stopped buying any cards last two expansions. I used to love this game. Now it is no longer friendly and fun. Long live the whales.

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Do people still play this dumpster fire? I left after March of The Lich King last year. Game just got recommended to me again after I downloaded FF Tactics. Figured I’d come see if there were any changes since I’ve been gone. Uninstall was the greatest thing ever. See new names on the forum making same complaints. Except G…X guy. I see the Mage of Tears is still here and still crying. Only way to win in Hearthstone is hold the icon on your device and click uninstall. It’s a beautiful thing. Maybe see yall again next year here in the forums.

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Honestly the game is crap nowadays.
I mostly play BG’s but after 6000 rating , just can’t win.
Choose Pirates wont get a pirate for 8-10 rounds, choose Murloc’s at start wont get a single 1 for 35+ rerolls…plus always take max damage.
Also play Duels but they removed it.

Before with season reset your rating would reset, but that was taken away.
Honestly believe with everything being removed they want people to quit.
So the game will die out.

Just tried BG after a week, won 1st then next two games dead last, went demon hero went 4 rounds till a demon then 6 rounds to get another… Most likely will join the band wagon and uninstall the game, just isnt fun anymore

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I’ve started to notice that too in battlegrounds. Especially if you choose a “quest” like summon 7 murlocs to give minions +/+. There will be NO MURLOCS for several rounds, forcing you to fill the board with other minions, pump them up and THEN you get the onslaught of them.

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Find it funbny people that say draws are fine are ones barely 2000 rating.
Im 6203 rating.

I’ll go reroll 30 times at 7 cards = 210 each time and not get a single quilboar or w/e my quest is.
That not luck/rng of the draw. That’s plain up handicapping you.

Don’t get it wrong if you stay logged out for over a day then you will win first match, but after gl

:rofl: only like 1 in 50 of your opponents are whales

Haven’t bought cards with real money in at least 6 years. I really don’t care. The battle pass is so insanely greedy that it’s insulting, and they have popups every time you open the game BEGGING you for more money.

If you’re spending money on this game at this point I’m just gonna assume you have a humiliation fetish

How so? It’s free if you want or you can opt into the premium. Either way, you get stuff.

People have to be insane to buy items in a game where they have no problem revoking your account without warning; wish I had known this was the norm sooner. My account was banned for botting and I have NEVER botted. I had been playing this game since Beta. They treated me like a criminal.

Instead of fixing bad game mechanics they attack their user base instead. They are banning innocent players based on faulty evidence (i.e. toxic player reporting). Apparently they think player reporting is a good indicator of who is a botting.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Because it costs more than a BP in any other game. And the rewards are a 2D picture “skin”. If it was like $8 like a normal game it would make sense. And now they’ve added an “event” where the Battle Pass is basically required to progress. It’s just so manipulative and lame

I feel like this isn’t even an argument for this forum. Generally, a non-animated skin goes for, what, $7? You get one for each class, the three at the end and you get to pick from one of the pass completion Hero skins. Now, I don’t know how you handle any of your BPs across other games, but I only buy one knowing I will reach the end and garner what I would definitely consider more value than $20. Also, I say it’s the wrong argument for the HEARTHSTONE forum because Hero skins are probably the biggest form of MTX in the game, so it’s strange to make fun of them here.

It wouldn’t. $8 would be an absolute steal as a consumer, sure, but it would be so far in the wrong direction from a business perspective. As I mentioned, there are several skins across the BP, but I didn’t mention all the free golden cards, the packs, the legendary etc. If HS is a game you play frequently, the BP is a solid investment in some stuff.

How is it manipulative?