Start Your Engines, the Darkmoon Races Mini-Set is Here!


because blizzard hates mobile gamers?


Hahaha. No doubt. So stupid.

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Where is the freaking update for mobile???


You were expecting Blizzard to cut all their profits and sell everything for gold which can be farmed? I also expect a bag with a million dollars fall from the sky in front of me.

Oh and by the way, the new system does gives you more gold, so I don’t know what you’re crying about.

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It’s even necessary to do the math lol?

With 20 packs you get around 1 legendary. They are offering you 4 legendaries for the same price with the bonus of not getting screwed by bad RNG by giving you everything else.

Sure, one could say, hypothetically, that all the new cards can be useless in the meta and in that case this mini set shouldn’t be bought at all, but I doubt it. Dust value wise one would be a fool to NOT buy this for 2000 gold.


It’s cute how some idiots don’t get how aggro (as all other archetypes) is important to any healthy meta.

Oh yeah, sorry that your personal ultra greedy deck didn’t cut out to be tier 1, again. Go play wild and enjoy facing priest after priest if you really hate facing aggro that much. You surely will enjoy all the matches if they get past turn 5, right?

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Well the mini-set looks like it brings some balance to the decks.
Of course the Priest cards should not exist (its the class that makes the game annoying).
But Finally there is card about ‘countering’ the deathrattle effect as not all have polymorph/hex etc. I feel like Deathwarden is gonna be in lots of decks…
Btw, the new way to get the cards with money OR gold is a VERY GOOD OPTION cause some of us dont feel like spending money on a ‘FREE’ game.


Another time Wild got broken -.- … Thanks Hysteria!


Please… easy round 8 OTK Mage?
Why are u doing this to us?

Conjure Mana Biscuit = Broke!

Please nerf fast!

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Thank you for wild beeing unplayable. Great job with testing.

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REALLY hope this is a bug but the pack does NOT provide any additional duplicates of cards you own!!!

So I got the pack thinking I would have the 4 legendaries and the rest of the cards to dust since I have all rares and commons. Well, no duplicates after purchase. No cards to dust…I essentially got 6 cards from this pack NOT 66!!!

Is this 2000 gold offer permanent or is going to expire at some point?

According to the shop the offer will be available until May 10.
After which I assume players will have to get the cards through pack opening and crafting.

They ought to keep it available though, like adventures.

after the announcement of the new add-on, this set disappeared from the in-game store
before that it was written that the set will be available until May 10
how can i buy it?

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Hello Team Blizzard.

I purchase the mini kit but some reason the 66 cards not appear in mi collection.

I already have a ticket for the problem.
Mi Ticket number is

Thanks for you quick respond.


Could I have zoom snail ?

Check here if you own it/want to buy it:

Thanks for re-releasing the barrens and stormwind mini-sets, that gave me the opportunity, as a returning 6 years player to acquire important cards quickly, just wish you also re-released the darkmoon races mini set too as I will be playing wild for quite a while :slightly_smiling_face:

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they don’t have the technology to re release old adventure for gold; when a set goes to wild they forget it exists

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