Start Your Engines, the Darkmoon Races Mini-Set is Here!

I like the cards :slight_smile: i and i think it just what we needed to shake up the meta, i believe many cards will see play and even if it doesn its gona be fun to play them.
I am definatly including the rogue mage legendary in my highlander rogue.

Do note that it the new Paladin Corrupt weapon is Libram of Judgement. Its cost will probably be reduced by Aldor Attendant and Aldor Truthseeker. With all of them you could at best bring its cost to 1, then it is also easy to Corrupt. Even after reducing the cost by 2, it’s by very least a pumped up Arcanite Reaper.

I think it’s quite interesting!

This update seems nice tbf.
The new shaman passive power sounds banana’s.
I like the new cards released, love to see how this will affect the current meta.
And the BG heroes and minions seem nice aswel tbf.

Lets see how this will turn out!

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how much you get paid

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You can buy it with 2000 gold, but that means 20 less packs from the new set (coming april).

Can anyone do the math? Is it better to buy 20 packs of Darkmoon Faire or buy the miniset straight away? Considering I’m only missing a couple of legendaries from DF.

more unbalance cards…great…

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So the purpose here is OBVIOUSLY to get people to stop saving gold and dust for the next expansion. Your greed knows no bounds, Bliz.


Sounds like their might be lots of rush or charge minions in play.

Another successful expansion. The new rules to acquire the entire set is appealing. Hopefully this method will carry on to the other expansions. The art is as sharp as ever. Good work :star_struck:
P.S. Consider having more Deathrattle minions in the next expansion. The Deathrattle concept is a winner.

If you have the battle pass this should be an easy steal for 2000 gold.

After calculating Dusts on both ways, assuming the average drop rates for all type of cards, you get more dust values from buying it for 2000Gold.

Finally more aggro cards, which we always need!! Aggro needs all the support.

Nobody wants to play beyond turn 5.


So it says that it will be open at 21.01.21. Why I don;t have it on the shop ?


Paladin got a much needed buff. It wasn’t top top tier enough before.

I just completed busting open the packs for the expansion, 2 packs had all commons and Hysteria is now showing as epic?

Wait… theres a webshop? Where?

Hey Blizzard, Just noticed a Bug: I bought the Darkmoon Races expansion in the shop, but it seems to make an issue with the duplicate protection, cause i just got a 3rd copy of an epic card from the darkmoon races, while i’m missing several epic cards from darkmoon faire, please make sure, that buying this bundle ist noticed in the duplicate protection

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Many thousands of dollars. I know. You’re jealous, right? :grin:

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Alguien puede comprar el mini set?