Staking a Claim still not working properly

Was playing a few rounds of Duels right now, started a Death Knight run with Sai Shadestorm, picked Staking a Claim after the first game since it was “apparently” the only bonus offered that had synergy with my some of my cards. Game 2, I play Hematurge, discover a card and nothing happens. No +1/+1 effect on any of my guys.

I dunno if it’s a general bug, related to the Discover being in the Battlecry effect or related to Death Knight cards. But whatever it is…it ain’t workin’ right. And from what I’ve gathered by looking at the similar topics list as I’m typing this, it’s a bug that’s been around since at least 2020? If it says Discover on the card, it should trigger the +1/+1 effect when played. I picked what was essentially a useless bonus because the game tricked me. How many more years does it take to fix this thing?

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