Spamming serpent wig isn’t toxic though?

I don’t get some of the nerfs and buffs… just played a priest that had to have casted serpent wig 20 times on minions… then cast it 10 times on one minion then buffed with a card to match its health so it was 26/26 lol

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What was the deck you faced? Bless Priest?


Yeah, it’s such a ridiculous deck and spell. I was playing a charge warrior and couldn’t draw worth beans. Not a great counter.

I saw a reddit post predicting 3 priest buffs and … I found them cringe

Yes , you guessed it right , Wig to +1/+2 was one of them

tempo nagas.

it’s actually very decent. i used it to climb to legend.

it’s quite a refreshing deck to play imo and fun, but it can be a bit highrolly because you do want the wigs relatively early.

It’s basically the newer incarnation of DS/IF Priest, but slower scaling and generally more difficult to pull off into an OTK. It makes up for that with better draw and more redundancy on the lower end of minions/buffs which is good because it smoothes things out a bit more for the deck, but the strategy against them remains the same - keep them off the board and the accomplish nothing whatsoever.

We’ve spent so long with combo-centric metas from stormwind and such that folks forgot what it was like to have to run the right kind removal in order to combat heavily board-based decks.


Should be pretty easy for you to clear his minions every turn.

i’d say it’s quite different from previous ds/if lists because the way wigs play it’s much more tempo focused rather than going for a big otk turn.

you can keep scaling each turn basically instead of having to do everything in one round, and the damage you can do with early tempo does stack up quite nicely.

It seems relatively similar to the Extra Arms variant that sprang into existence after the Boomsday buffs event thing, the one that brought SN1P-SN4P into existence.

Ive been playing that ever since the buffs. Its can hit really hard, but it requires at least 1 wig and the sorcerers apprentice elemental with low cost nagas in hand to pull off. Wig early without the elemental is still a great amount of stats. But definitly not broken.

If you play mech mage or pirate warrior you should be able to clear out the board and build your own on turn 4-6 then there is no coming back for a Naga priest. Rip

From what I’ve seen of the people I’ve watched play it, it seems very hit or miss and predicated on what you get in your starting hand or first two draws. If the player doesn’t draw Serpent Wig or Bless early then it bricks because that’s all it has. I expect if it takes off at all that it will get immediately smacked down since the counter is easy to slot in.

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Begging you to take 5 mins of your time to go and actually try to play the deck yourself. If you don’t get Wig in your mulligan or draw it within the first couple of turns, you pretty much immediately lose the game. It’s bad.

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Yeah you quickly realised how much lower the the power is for the Naga’s, compared to the mechs and pirates. Naga’s need to be played with separate spells. But the mechs and pirates are basically spell and good stat minions in one card.