Soo... Tourists... do they kind of suck?

I was going through the new cards and noticed how awful the Shaman and Priest reveals looked. Then I looked at the Demon Hunter reveals and thought “Man, these are good enough for both Shaman and Demon Hunter to be sittin’ pretty!” then I realized all of the priest cards are geared towards Demon Hunter, their only use in priest being a super niche hardly-played wild deck. Then I realized the hunter reveals are probably going to be better for priest than the priest reveals.

There are other parallels too. Paladin and Mage, for instance. The ‘announce darkness’ card, for another thing (which may be a 2/10 in general, but is practically unusable for a warlock.)

So are they purposely making class cards terrible to mitigate the ‘damage’ of tourists? Opinions?

probably not trying to make purposefully terrible cards? since that would make the game die and lose them their jobs? but who knows anymore.

Tourists are actually very strong.
Until now, cards that affect deck building have been vanilla. Tourists come with complimentary effects in game.

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Priest cards are good, the shaman ones are not. For example Naian is good in both, acupuncture is very good in wild shadow priest, Rest in Peace is good in priest to bring back aman’thul (delete the minion you just summoned for opponent + 1 additional minion), Yogg (control the minion summoned for opponent), or unkilliax to clear the minion and stabilize + heal.

Well. Since tourists is the gimmick of this expansion it’s obvious that the card design has leaned towards making the cards good for the class that use a tourist. But I feel they went overboard.

They could have designed cards that are great when using a tourist but still good for the original class and in many cases that is simply not true. Right now it’s more like half the demon hunters class cards got put in priest while half of priest’s class cards got put in hunter etc.

The two legendary mage cards are trash! And I like mage! But it will always be the trashiest class in the game! I got a legend with the broken druid deck called COMBO DRUID! I got it last Saturday, on Monday Blizzard banned the druid minion from the game! There was time for me to get to legend with the druid deck! Now I’m going to focus on YU-GI-OH, bye to those of you who aren’t legends yet!