Someone buy Blizz a calculator


100 g for one pack, 700g for 3 packs… lol… we have had enough dungeon run like single player in the past 2 years, why do i have to pay for this one?


I suggest you buy the adventure with real money, it is for 0 gold!! Plus you will be contributing to the Blizzard calculator fund.


You are paying for the additional content of the Solo Adventure.
If Blizz buys the calculator they will have to learn how to use it.:laughing:


You don’t. You can always spend the gold on packs instead.


the new content sucks…ai is still broken…the whole thing even in heroic is so easy if you get the correct cards and have good rng. plus the rewards are worthless.

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(Responding to several people above, not just to a single post)

If you compute the price for the solo content based on packs only, then don’t buy it. You can indeed buy more packs if you buy packs directly.
If you do not like the game mode (and you can evaluate it for free in the first wing), then don’t buy it.

There are no rewards in this adventure that you cannot achieve in any other way. The only exclusive card (the shadow cloak) can be crafted as non-golden, and gold vs non-gold is purely visual with no gameplay difference.

Those who do like this game mode will have to decide whether they amount of fun they get from it is enough to warrant the price. That’s not a computation based on how many packs you get for the money or gold, but on how much fun you get for the money or gold.


I like it better when they handed out legendaries as the end of the adventure. I would certainly buy into that.


Now you young whippersnappers might not know this, but back in the day we used to buy our games, WITH MONEY! That’s right, we’d pay money just for the experience of playing a video game, crazy times.


it is called pay once and play forever. People like you ruin the gaming industry by constantly feeding developers with money.


what ? you can still get 7 packs for 700 g

why dont you just do it ?


Pay once and play forever exactly describes this piece of content, it doesn’t even play into the loot box mechanic of card packs since your collection is meaningless in this adventure.


How is that even a bad thing?

I don’t know what your job is. But I am pretty sure that your employer is “constantly feeding you with money”. And I also hazard a guess that if they stop doing that, you’ll quit and find another job.
If we all, collectively, would stop paying games developers, the industry would die very fast.


You get a golden legendary and a gold pack too.
If the gold legendary is dustable (I have no idea), and every pack is worth about 100 dust (Some people have done the math) and we estimate the gold pack to 425g (I think that’s fair)
You would get 12 * 100 + 425 + 1600 = 3225 worth of dust.
buying 28 packs instead would grant you 2800 dust on average. (but higher chance of opening cards you don’t want to dust)

So to me it really depends on whether the legendary is dustable and how big your current collection is already.


Zayle cannot be dusted.


It’s bad because it rewards lazy developers who should be working on new cards not dungeon runs that almost nobody wants.


In the case of the Dalaran Heist (unlike the adventures of a few years ago), there are no gameplay-affecting rewards that you cannot obtain otherwise (and cheaper!) as well. The only reason to spend gold or money on it is to get access to the gameplay. If you don’t care about the gameplay, forfeit this adventure. Only pay for the adventure if you want access to the game mode.

If you are right with your assumption that “almost nobody wants” this adventure, then almost nobody will buy the adventure. Which means the developers (both the lazy and the non-lazy ones) earn almost nothing, and then they will stop making this content very soon.

If it turns out that lots of people do buy this content, then apparently your assumption is incorrect, and a lot of people do want this game mode. Which means that the developers get rewarded for a job done well.

So effectively this works out perfect. If the content is bad (to the majority of people - not everyone has the same taste), then people won’t pay for it and the developers do not get rewarded for, apparently, bad work. And if the content is good (for the majority), then the developers apparently did a great job and they will be rewarded by high sales.

By the way, I have not seen any announcement that the new expansion will be delayed, so I guess that Blizzard still has enough resources left to work on new cards. In fact, they even release one extra new card in two weeks time. So your argument that they should be working on new cards instead is a straw man.


i pay myself through the stock market.


why u complaining prolly because u are poor and cant buy pack


sure bud but hearthstone is too expensive for you lawl u poor shut up