[SOLVED]Hearthstone not launching(black screen)

problem solved. thanks support

Hey, VoidEternal! Thank you for the details and DxDiag files here! System wise everything looks clean in the DxDiag. I’d assume that this is caused by some sort of corrupted settings or compatibility issue. Let’s try the following steps:

  • Reset the in-game settings and driver settings.
  • Change the desktop resolution. Right click on the desktop and go to Display Settings.
  • If you have Mcafee installed, please try uninstalling it with the MCPR tool. Restart the system once done, and run a repair scan.
  • Try forcing a different Graphics API for Hearthstone.
    1. In the Blizzard Application, go to Settings (Blizzard Logo at top-left).
    2. Go to Game Settings, and find Hearthstone.
    3. Check Additional Command Line Arguments.
    4. In the textbox that appears, enter in the following:
    5. Press Done.

If all of these suggestions do not resolve the black screen issue, please contact our technical support team. We’ll want to check out the system files in depth.

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Solved, please delete this thread

Спасибо помогло))) но хотелось бы полегче.