So.. nerf DH when?

I mean, whole ladder is now full of reno DH, and shaman and hunter are dead and can’t deal with it


What did you expect in Standard? Just now the major problem was the Paladin, as soon as they nerf the DH you will complain about another class, it’s a closed circuit :people_hugging::smile:

they just should not nerf shaman. he was the great answer to any highlander

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Ran in to 8 DHs in a row and was just utterly destroyed before turn 6. How do I deal with them? Load up on taunts?

i just starting playing that class this week

Dhs and locks are too OP right now…

Yesterday is still not soon enough


dh’s are heavily attack based so I would say that would be a good idea, but you do have to be careful of the kayne sunfury card which quite literally ignores taunts when played

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Super fun seeing magtheridon for 1mana that they can make dormant again and again. I’d have NO problem if it didn’t do face damage with that 3 damage. As is, that card should not be discoverable. ESPECIALLY from a 1/1 mini.

Stop the lies jesh you people will cry about anything.

Man, I play this deck myself, I know what I’m talking about

So do I and it is not that good, above avg sure, but not that good.

Whole ladder is DH. 7 of 10 enemies are tempo DH. It is broken if you know how to play it and don’t use panda or other crappy slow cards in it

Just wait till they have like 2+ down and then RENO them lol

I refuse to play a reno deck. I have some self respect. Especially after trying one just to see how ridiculous it was.

Totally agree. I auto concede vs these 2 classes