Sheldras Moontree - Game Crash Bug

Sheldras Moontree’s effect (auto-casting the drawn spell) is crashing my game. After I play him and draw my first spell, the game crashes. It doesn’t happen every time so I am not sure what triggers the crash but it already happened 5 times. It is very annoying. I have to reconnect; losing my history bar and half of my turn, and having no idea what happened at the start of my turn.

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I have the same bug it isn’t funny please fix it, I like this card but its very annoying tbh.

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I am also experiencing this. In my case, it seems the card that does it is Feral Rage.

I have the same bug, Sheldras crash my game… Blizzard do something please…

blizzard doesn’t play hearthstone
this bug is very annoying

Typing this reply for this thread to be recognized by Blizzard…

Just lost another game because of this issue, another comment on this thread can’t hurt…

Still not fixed, its such an annoying bug when i just want to use a fun card for once!

Still not fixed. hello Blizzard :upside_down_face: