21.8 Known Issues

Drek’Thar doesn´t work with Shudderwock.
What should happen = Once the Deck is empty, Shudderwock should spawn 2 Copies of itself
What does happen = Nothing… it just keeps repeating the “empty” Battlecry without any sort of effect.

Honestly had I known it wouldn´t work, I had picked the other Faction Leader and atleast had SOME use out of these Cards…

Can you please fix the issue where we cannot play battlegrounds as a party? Or at least let us know what is going on.

Will you also have the courtesy to mention my report to let me know not only me but the rest of those affected, that the devs are going to work on solving this bug?

Many affected people have been waiting for a response and solution since November 2.

All of us can’t play a match in this game with Zephrys without having a crash.

All of us had been ignored by devs since that day.

I think some courtesy would not hurt.

Drek’Thar pulls minions from your deck, so when your deck is empty it is correct for it not to summon anything.

The team is looking into these reports. Nothing has been shared because there is nothing yet to report back at this time.

Sheldras Moontree is still (Sheldras Moontree - Game Crash Bug) causing a game crash for me.

I’m still unable to choose a faction at login. not offered and I don’t have either of the new legendaries in my collection.

Hey there. The devs looked it up and saw that Vanndar Stormpike is in your collection, initially claimed two days ago. You can find it by filtering your collection by Fractured in Alterac Valley.

Oh thanks. Feel like an idiot. I was just searching using the card name. Must have claimed during a late night falling asleep in bed playing session. Seriously thanks for the super quick reply.

No problem, glad it wasn’t a bigger problem. :+1:

Something I’ve notice, and barely seen mentioned is that Maestra of the Masquerade will sometime give Rouge as a class to play as when it chooses a “different class” to play as. Which is quite frustrating as a Thief rouge player since it limits me from starting with cardsI could of taken from other classes.

When was the last time you noticed this? It was believed to be fixed several patches ago.

I want to complete every achievement (some day…). So, I’m worried about Diablo’s achievement bug for duels. It’s a temporary hero, and its gonna leave with no time for a 12-0 try!

I’d say it’s better to remove the achievement, instead of fixing it. Any news about the bug?


I heard Diablo may come back in the future… that being said i agree on removing it… its been bugged for most of its time. I dont understand why it exist in the first place: battleground didnt bother adding one either so why duels should? Why adding achievement on limited events hero??? In my opinion thats so weird and make players feels like they have a clock biting their butts!

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Hi, a few bugs/unintended interactions I’ve had in mercenaries since 21.8:

  1. Choosing Cookie Task 6 on mysterious stranger event with the story-line quest and 4 other tasks active (i.e. 1 slot remaining) led to campsite full message and coin handout for the merc.

  2. Cookie’s Go Fish! tokens don’t self-destruct even when all opposing characters are defeated.

  3. Mutanus Task 2 (Block 30 damage using Scaly Taunt) can be completed by battling an opposing team with the merc in PvE or PvP.

  4. Disconnecting during PvE leads to loss of progress sometimes (at least 4-5 instances).

I don’t mind achievements on limited time heroes. I do mind when achievement can’t be completed when that hero is available.
I hope they will fix it soon. We are almost out of time.

Stay safe guys.

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Yea! your fixing the bug with Talented Arcanist and Cram Session! Thanks

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After the latest patch my fully upgraded campfire in Mercanaries only holds 5 travelers now instead of the 6 prior to the update. Aggravating when I think I have an open slot to add a traveler using the Mystery Boon/Coin in the bounties.

Anyone else seeing or having this issue?

So to better Clarify, say I put a Minion (with Body Wrappers Effect) in my Deck with Shudderwocks Effect.
Since Shudderwock should be the highest Cost Minion currently being played, would the lower Cost Minion in the Deck affect the Battlecry?
Or is there simply no way to make it work with Shudderwock and the “Repeat Battlecry” Effect?

The max for ones you can farm has always been 4. The other two have always been special slots that are reserved for the daily task and the story task. No change was made here–you probably just finished the story tasks.