Sharding wild sets

I sharded all my wild cards, took some time but it’s all dust now. Set a filter for a specific set, then in the dust window, select only cards you can dust and start sharding.

I have a nice stash.

Am i a special and fuzzy snowlfake, or does anyone else do this?

You’re still a special and fuzzy snowflake, but yes, many players do that. I wouldn’t recommend it myself, but each person finds joy in their own way


i would cry if my wild stuff got dusted


I imagine you won’t be playing this game very long then. In the long run you save money and time by playing wild.


Hmm, i used to play MTG with a group. They were all playing type 2 which pretty much means wild.

There was abuse.

I like standard better, it’s more coherent and stable.


I get many dusts!

I’ve been dusting my obsolete cards since I started playing. I’m currently sitting on a massive supply of Dust and I still haven’t gotten around to dusting the cards from this most recent rotation.

I have no interest in Wild, so the only downside is that some Tavern Brawls are more challenging with only Standard cards. But for those I just queue up against an alt account and get a quick win for the free pack.

I went ahead and did that recently. I’m currently sitting at 11,735 dust. I’ve got 92 packs pre ordered and 7,095 gold saved up. I’ll have this next set handled for sure. :slight_smile:

Has Type 2 changed? Back when I played Magic 20+ years ago, Type 2 was pretty much identical to Standard. After Type 2, there was Extended which included a few more sets then finally Type 1 which included all card sets.

I’m not sure. I meant all the cards except the banned ones.
Type… something.

I’ve found that using about 8k gold to buy packs along with the various free packs is enough to amass all the Commons and Rares and most of the Epics and a few Legendaries. Then I pick a couple of interesting decks I see my favorite youtubers playing and use dust to pick up any missing cards. I’ve been doing that for years and I’m still always sitting on 20k-30k dust.