Shadow Priest needs a nerf

Been playing ladder for a while and the one thing I find consistent is how powerful shadow priest is atm. I think they could use a couple nerfs, their ability to remove while putting pressure is godly. What do yall think?


Murloc aggro overwhelms their early clears and wins. Least my shaman does.


Right, because why should Priest ever have a chance to win a game. We finally get a decent deck and you want to nerf it?


The key cards for the archtype are rotating out soon, a nerf is unneeded.

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I mean, Boon/Naga Priest has been a top deck for most of it’s existence. It’s just that it’s an All-or-Nothing deck with toxic play patterns where at least Shadow Priest is about trying to wring every last drop of damage out of your deck before your opponent can get their survival mechanisms online.

OMG for shame! The Priest class who hasn’t shown up to the game in over 10 years is finally playable! This is an atrocity and should be condemned! Shove those Priests back down where they continue to be the low player on the totem pole!


at least win or lose it’s over fast unlike the holy priest that takes 30 turns to play a card that says “eff you; I win”

Or you could face paladin and see what a horror that is. I am looking forward to pally cards rotating. I hope pure paladin is seriously nerfed. Not that it will help Wild.

please nerf shadow priest ,k they wins in 30 seconds they have board clear and big dmg and a busted legendary that rez all undead , the legendary wins the game alone .ty.they are so many aggro that 30 hp is not enough but renathal is 35 hp now and the bonus it provide it too low for the drawback which is too high rogue is out of the meta except deathrattle which can survive a bit more .

I like how priest players cry on every thread saying priest was never good
As if it didn’t dominate the meta with the most toxic decks for at least 7 years


I’m with you in this statement - this is too much in the current meta.
There is not enough “zerg” decks to cure undead priests threat.

Frost DK, implock, aggro mage all hang in there. Control decks are pretty weak higher up on the ladder right now though. But it’ll all get jumbled with the next release soon.

Nerf shadow priests in hearthstone this is absolute crap