Second Lunar New Year Quest Chain

Hey all,

We’re aware that some players received two Lunar New Year Legendary Quest chains this year. We investigated the issue and determined that when we set this year’s Lunar New Year event live, we accidentally set last year’s Legendary Quest chain live as well. That means that any players who didn’t complete or abandon any of the quests last year are seeing them now. Any players who are not seeing double Legendary Quests already completed or abandoned last year’s quest chain when it first went live.

This bug will remain live for the remainder of this event and will be fixed afterwards. Any players who didn’t previously earn those rewards can login now to get another chance at them. You can consider this happy accident a way to celebrate one year turning over to the next. Happy Lunar New Year!


its not a bug, its a feature


Players who got 300 dust for being honest looking back to the people who got 16,000 dust for free be like.

:golf: :clap:
Thanks blizz i guess.


Now if only you did the same thing with the dust incident; you would have had amazing PR from it - then, with this on top, it would have generated even more goodwill (which, in turn, undoubtedly would’ve reflected positively long-term in your bottom line profits)! Maybe some folks will consider this as compensation for the dust incident; personally speaking, I think I’m still going to pass on my out-right purchase of the upcoming Alterac mini-set - these packs aren’t anywhere near the same value as the dust (in my case, 14,400).


you cant compare both

we are talking about around 16000 dust here thats waaaaaay more than a few packs

they let people who crafted the cards keep them and thats enough

Great…so now I can’t complete the duels quest on TWO different quest chains…….


~8k posts with a hidden profile. Are you literally a Blizzard employee who just jumps in to defend them anytime someone speaks ill, or are you just a regular person with a lot of time of their hands?

Well, its a good luck in the Year Of Tiger!