Scholomance Academy is NOW LIVE!

Scholomance Academy is NOW LIVE!

Hearthstone’s newest expansion is live! Log-in now to receive a free class Legendary!

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I got Ras Frostwhisper, Shaman is my main class, Thank you RNG Gods!!


Love how the Roadmap for Year of the Phoenix literally lists every single aspect of HS except Arena. Arena community has known it was being totally ignored for months, but at least it’s explicit/out in the open now.

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To bad for hospital employee’s, some of us didn’t know about the launch and couldn’t get the bundles. No notice like in pass expansions in the mobil app stating last call. Even in the WoW section on the desktop app it never stated last call. Guess this is how blizzard treats essential personal who work 16 hr shifts and can’t be home

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Only this time the bundle was made unavailable for half a day, due to a mistake, and then put back up. And you have lots of time to buy the bundle beforehand…


Where are you arena updates??? Still waiting

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Is there a lower probability for getting legendary cards from packs since this edition? I got my first legendary only after opening the first 15 packs (And not after latest the first 10 packs) - and today it took 34 packs To get another legendary…

That shouldn’t be possible. Did you buy the bundle with the golden Scholomance packs?

Yes I did buy the bundle with the golden packs. I opened 3 regular ones, than the 5 golden ones than the other regular ones.

That explains it. The golden packs probably count as different packs from the regular expansion (it’s how the golden Classic packs work), so that’s probably why your first Legendary showed up “late.”

Thank you for explaining it. Still a pitty it didn‘t count. Now I‘d like to get another 5 golden packs to ensure a golden legendary there too… @Blizzard: please make it possible to buy golden packs too :slight_smile:

Golden packs doesn’t have the 10 pack pity timer. Also they might not have 40 pack pity timer. Each golden pack’s probabilities are calculated individually and does not take into account previously opened golden packs. So, you should rethink your desire to buy golden packs in the future…

Yeah they’re gold so they shouldn’t really have the pity timer. Makes sense.