S-Pen Note 10+ stopped working

Thanks for the reply. Still experiencing problems with functionality of the S-Pen with the application. Hopefully this will be fixed.

To sell that option? Not sure about you, but many players have already invested quite some money into this company.

Honestly this is getting crazy, s pen and full screen capability both borked because the devs refuse to fix their game. I LOVED hearthstone and have recently been trying to get back into it but even on pc I can’t play it on my ultrawide monitor without assets popping in and out in the borders. I get that’s how games are made but you should have support for things years after the game was released. I want to get back into this game I really do but it’s 2020 and these issues have been reported for months now with no fix in sight when it should be an easy one. Again blizz, full screen and s pen, that’s all I want.

Galaxy Note 8 here… this has been an issue for quite a while now with my stylus as well. Please fix!

Still nothing… why is this issue being ignored? ::frowning:

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Note 10+ here. S-Pen still not working as intended. Please fix it.

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Knock Knock

“Who’s there?”

Me!: Still wondering why S-Pen s not working!

Nov 19 :smiley:
let the magic happen and fix it please!

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I have the same problem, pen works with everything else except this game. It works for navigating the menus but not playing the cards.

Hm, 4 months later, S-Pen still not working.



S-pen in Tab 4 not working
I also contacted Galaxy customer service and they tested both my S-pen and tablet touch screen are working properly

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Galaxy Note 10+ here, still doesn’t work


Got my Galaxy Tab S6 today. Doesn’t work with the pen. Bummer.

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Same here, note 10+, pls fix this i want play with s-pen

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Same here on Galaxy Tab S7 : S pen doesn’t work unfortunately :frowning:

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S-pen in Tab 4 not working since bg released this is so awful ! Baby Cry…
Please lets us know if the issue will be solved a day Blizz pleassss !

Well if you like the game or not. The HS team should know that playing this game with a stylus (s-pen) makes it so much better. Its really a shame the team doesn’t give us a heads up on this progress. (Don’t have the feeling they have been working on it, just noted the problem and moved on.) And make the people who really enjoy this game feel left hanging… I stopped paying for this game a long time ago because of this.

Still no fix on this after a year. I think the Devs have either forgotten or just don’t care about this issue. This issue probably will never be fixed from the looks of it. The reason there is no progress updates are because there’s no progress.

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Just bought a good capacitive stylus 20+5bucks for the fiber nibs. Works perfect on Tab s4

The bottom line is that the broken S-Pen is not a Blizzard bug. This problem should be fixed by Samsung and you need to write about this problem in Samsung.

Well i did it, they say it’s a game’s issue…