Rise of Shadows Q&A - April 22, 2019


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Would you be willing to consider some temporary nerfs to make up for some deficiencies in some classes? Most classes don’t have the removal tools to handle Token Druid, but you could quite easily give them those tools in the next expansion or too. I don’t want to completely break the deck permanently, but I also don’t want to see four months of Token Druid being half of the opponents I play against.


As a reasonably new player who started after KnC, would it be possible to introduce Wild cards into the store to be purchased with Gold? Or at least have the Ranked chests in Wild give Wild cards?


I don’t have any questions, but can you please try actually answering some difficult questions that don’t just play into some pre-planned marketing pitch? The trend for these corporate Q&A sessions is not to offer anything insightful, and the AMA on reddit didn’t do anything to buck that trend.


i would love to know :

1: possible to unnerf Yogg in wild?
2 : balance changes for wild? psychi scream, barnes etc…
3 : dr boom nerf in standard possible?


Can you provide a rationale for having the legendary pity timer set at (what is perceived by the community to be) 40 packs? Every time it takes more than, my opinion, 30 packs to open a legendary is a “feelsbad” time for a player. Could you not maintain the average appearance rate while bringing down the limit?

Also–>The free rewards during Ignoblegarden were appreciated!


What’s the benefit to creating a keyword, but then never releasing cards with that keyword once that standard year ends? We sometimes see the same concept on a card, but it is written out in long form. What is going to happen when a keyword’s long form is completely unwieldy, but very desirable yet can no longer be used?


Some deck thematics don’t always work out such as freeze shaman which really only got support from one set, whereas something like discard warlock has had support multiple times yet initially wasn’t very viable. Why does one theme continue being supported while another is waylaid even to the point of not existing in wild?


Are treants ever going to become a tribe?


I really love this meta and love how this expansion has turned out.

My question is would it be possible to see more frequent Alternate Hero Skins ? They really would improve the QoL of Hearthstone.


Freeze Shaman was probably decided to be a very un-fun archetype if it ever saw competitive play. The entire idea is to deny your opponent’s access to their own cards, over and over again. Discolock is a self-detriment, and the amount of design space for Discard is much more than Freeze effects. Hope this helps.


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Probably the longest unanswered (and presumably ignored) question in Hearthstone:

Will Tyrande (and Khadgar) make their return this year?

If so, when? If not, why?

I look forward to seeing an official response.



Oh sure. I’m just curious about why they print such small slivers of an archetype and then never support it again; like totem shaman has so few cards to build around it and thus when it got cards for it they basically are just giving a class 10% or so fewer cards to make decks with for a rotation. It’s strange that both those archetypes, freeze and totem, were green lit without being strong enough or even really having new cards to ever warrant putting them in decks. No follow up expansions addressed holes in them ever so you just get a less versatile class until rotation.


What content can wild players expect?

Will wild players be able to buy packs for gold?

Can we expect cards that literally died from nerfs be un-nerfed for wild? Ancient of Lore, Abusive Sargent, Raza the Chained as example.

Be honest, do you guys play wild an if so, what decks do you enjoy?

Why does some wild cards like Barnes recieve special treatment when you have MASSIVE amounts of feedback regarding his highroll nature in the deck called Big Priest.

Will Wild mode ever have a banning system?

Can you name cards you worry might be a problem for wild mode in the future? Example Kingsbane.

Why do you think people avoid wild mode?

Do you think wild mode could use some love because it has a very low active playerbase?

If you had to name a deck for every class you like to play in wild, whatre they?

Can we see the return of the “if your deck has no duplicates get X effect again” like Reno Jackson in wild mode.

Wild mode is very important to me because its the eternal format. Playing standard right now litterally feels like a water down version of the game. I would like nothing more than to understand that you guys who have the power to bring change to wild share what you want from the format.

P.S. please destroy Barnes an make Razakus Priest the top priest deck. Its way easier to use the new disruption tools agaisnt a deck like Razakus than to even dare try stuff like Hecklebot agaisnt that awful highroll deck giving them cheap rezzes. Or honestly make the 2 mana ressurect spell on work on a minion that died THAT turn. So you trade Lich King basically an then pay 2 to rez him. Waaaay more fair guys.

-Just for fun- Whats your thoughts on this legendary Warlock spell I made up. I just wanna know if you think it could be a real thing in the game.

Vision Disruptor
1 mana Legendary Spell

Revel your opponents hand an select a card to discard. You lose life equal to its mana cost.

So its basically disruption. You could remove Mecha’thun but would lose 10 life for it. Kinda risk vs reword for Warlocks.


Tyrande, when? It’s been taking you too long, Blizz.


How did the theme of ROS came about and what are the designer’s insights to the ROS expansion?
What are the design philosophy behind the designs?

How does ROS fit into the Year of the Dragon?

What were the challenges you face with the new year and the introduction of ROS?

What does your team wish to achieve for the Year of the Dragon? (for the dev team / for the player base)


Harbinger Celestia buff or reworking her ability?


Can Yogg Saron get be unnerfed ?


The art direction for this expansion seems all over the place. Madame Lazul is probably the worst offender. She appears in several places and she looks different and inconsistent in every single one of them. On one image she has the tattoos, on others she doesn’t. Sometimes her skin is blue, sometimes it’s purple and so on. Another example is Dr. Boom’s Scheme. The artwork depicts Dr. Boom placing down a bunch of bombs, yet the effect gives you Armor. And how is that Dr. Boom’s scheme anyway? Why is he waiting to get Armor? I feel like Dr. Boom’s Scheme effect got changed during development, but you didn’t have the time to change the artwork to something more appropriate.

Right so, what was going on there? Were artists given more freedom than usual this time around? Were things rushed? Were artworks haphazardly checked and approved?


Two questions, again:

  1. Will there be Wild Arena format? We can play Casual/Ranked in either format, so let us play either formats in Arena. With that in mind, in Wild Arena, all cards should have an equal chance to appear.

  2. Divide the shop into two formats: Standard and Wild. Let us have an option to purchase expansions/adventures with in-game gold and currency within the game, not via Blizzard shop.