Rise of Shadows Q&A - April 22, 2019


You don’t need need survivability when you win the game by turn 6 with kingsbane rouge.


It would also be nice to have a separate ladder with faster turn limits. Tired of being intentionally roped by opponents.


if thats stuff you have at team breakfasts id love to hear more about those stupid ideas/conservations.


Is there a plan to add a setting to permanently disable emotes? Emote spamming and BM sometimes can be discouraging.


Brawliseum feels the same as Ranked. Adding a cosmetic for Brawliseums at the Quest screen like how arena wins are displayed (with a max key) would incentivize me to play the format.


As a new player I wasn’t given the chance to buy old adventures with in-game gold, after their rotating out of standard. Are you willing to release it again, so that everyone can play the solo missions at least?


The solo missions from past adventures can be bought from the Blizzard Store.


The keywords here are: in-game gold.


I don’t want to win the game by turn 6.


This comment shows why Wild shop is needed. New and old players really like to buy old content via gold or money. Why is it really hard to implement? Please answer this, Blizzard.


Yes, for real, why can’t we get old-content back into the shop to be purchasable with gold? Wild is literally money-locked. Please, can we get an answer on this already? Saying that it’s confusing for new players isn’t going to cut it anymore – Wild is already locked for anyone under rank 25.

Saying that it pollutes the shop is a non-answer, like, really, the shop is almost empty.


Thanks Stephen, i appreciate the response!


Oh wait, so you are going to replace the Baku and Genn, am I right? Or did I miss something?


have you ever planned a mode with more than 2 players?


Would be nice to have SOME acknowledgment from the Dev team that the potential, and likelihood, of pulling 10+ of one epic and 0 of many others from hundreds of packs opened feels terrible. This response is so out of touch and speaks to the lack of care and concern the devs have for their enthusiastic player base.


I think they meant replacing Ragnaros and Sylvanas from classic set


Lol that would be even cooler. Yeah, but It would be really cool if Peter could confirm that.


Have you considered alt portraits as rewards for 1000+ wins?


Hi guys,

by far my favourite part of the game are card backs. Did you ever consider making special card backs for classes, for example for X amount of wins?

And second question, what do you think about making tokens created by cards, options form choose one and other cards (e.g. Kalimos, Togwaggle), etc. visible from collection page?

Thank you and keep up the good work!


Like that Tyrande release/work we heard about o…nearly 3 years ago?